Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A who 'im favor?

I duz cant remember what I write about before so forgive me if I've tackled this subject before.

Its always interesting to see how folk especially women interact with parents when they come to visit babies. One of the things that I always find interesting is how, and sorry I not really picking on women but is woman alone I see doing this so far, women duz immediately look at the baby and blurt out which parent the child supposedly looks like.

I mean I understand you may be trying to put it in perspective but is it necessary?

And then the other particular thing is I find that women will say oh the baby looks like the mother and then look at the dad like they expect some sort of adverse reaction from him.

I had that happen to me the other day. Lady comes over, looks at baby says oh he looks like the mom, then looks at me and starts smiling.

Am I suppose to read something into that? Like I mean if I was unsure of myself would I be like ummm like I gine gotta tek wunnah pun Maury bosie?

Or was I supposed to be upset if my son didnt look like me. I mean he is a unique individual is not  like I looking for a clone.

Never really got the whole comparison of the baby thing to be honest.  


VirginiaC said...

It's an age old "ritual" that has come down through the ages.
Nosy neighbourhood folk would visit to see if the child really looked like the father I suppose, especially if it was known that the woman was a cheat.
You have nothing to fear, so put your heart at rest and enjoy your new babes.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I believe in the equal opportunity thing: Oh, she / he has your eyes [to one parent] and, Oh, she / he has your nose [to the other parent].

But because I know babies' features change as they grow, I don't really bother to do it much.

My second brother tells people, Are you saying my baby isn't good-looking like me?

Or, Yes, he's good-looking but not as handsome as me.

ac said...

really never thought of it that way. but glad to know the it might be a sensitive topic to men.

ac said...

this is definitely food for thought.