Thursday, June 06, 2013

Conversation pieces

Walking quickly up Yonge Street yesterday, in a rush to make it to the subway before 6. Not really paying any attention to anything other than sidestepping fellow pedestrians when suddenly the following relatively loud conversation from a guy on his cell phone walking just up ahead caught my ear

"Have you talked to *unknown* recently?"
"Have you talked to him?"
"He's moody these days"
"Its his nephew........."


I walk past ears piqued now wondering if I will catch the rest of the conversation. Wondering who this person is and what's wrong with their nephew to put them in a bad mood. Not that is any a mi business but sometimes random conversations just intrigue me.

Mind you I don't even slow down or break stride or look at the speaker as I pass.


"Yea" he says probably replying to something the person on the other end of the line had said.

"Yea its his nephew, he's 5 years old. He's.........."
pause and rest of conversation drowned out by loud dance music from a passing car.

By then I'm about 10 steps ahead but stopped at the light. He catches up and is turning west
"Yea, his brain" more noise.
"They found out ..........."
and then its too late. He crosses perpendicular to me and the rest of the conversation is drowned out by distance, passing vehicles and two Filipino ladies passing in front, staring back, chatting away furiously in Tagalog probably about the ridiculously sized fake breasts of a woman who had just passed by. 

Wait what!  Sorry where was I again.............


Guyana-Gyal said...

His nephew has some illness to do with the brain. I bet that's why he's in a bad mood, because he loves his nephew.

Leh we face it, you faas, just like me. I listen to bits of conversation too.

But if people air them biz in public spaces, for one an' all to hear, well then...'s busy watchin' what now? :-D

VirginiaC said...

I'm always privy to cell phone conversations because folks talk so LOUD. Sometimes I imagine what the other person on the other end of the conversation is saying too.
I thought you had won the big LOTTO money, and was somewhere sailing in the Mediterranean, and didn't have any more time for us poorer folk who read your blog.

ac said...

oh! the wonders of technology ,boobs and all

Veronica Nordlander said...

Sometimes I watch the same people on the train/buss for weeks, and then I see them else where thinking "Yea, I know them!", untill I remembor that it's only ppeople I've been watching on my way to work :-)