Friday, June 21, 2013


Jdid recent text: "tried the new sandwich place. dey not lasting atall!"

So recently one of my regular lunchtime haunts went out of business only to be replaced by a sandwich shop. I went into it a few weeks back, took a look at the menu and figured yea this really not lasting but anyway my boss said the sandwiches were good so today I tek myself in an decide to sample the fare before I put muh mout pun dem needlessly.

Now doan get me wrong. I man aint no businessman nor nuttin so so this aint coming from no place of expertise on that end.

However, I have been a customer, sadly, all my life and from a customer prospective I dont think this place going to mek it. Especially in this harsh economic environment.

First thing de prices. Is sandwiches people, meat or veggies between bread, dem prices too expensive. Some a wunnah duz get carried away wid sandwiches when ya know de main ingredient duz be bread. Now I know ya trying to be upscale and ya using nice ingredients and the portions reasonable but except for maybe two things on the menu the prices definetly too high. Especially the sides. I mean the fries over-priced and y'all selling a can of pop for the prices that a bottle a water duz sell on the Lakeshore come Caribana saturday. lawd ave mercy! I mean an is a can ya know 355ml. Dat aint nuttin big to drink to deserve that price.

Next thing de menu. Allya only have 5 sandwiches pun the menu fa true? Looka man I expect more variety ya especially when wunnah catacorner from bout 10 fast food chains. Wunnah got to up the ante and come correct. And this point takes me back to the location actually. Great location for a restaurant but allya got plenty competition and not only the fast food places but the corner store duz sell sandwiches an ting too cheap.

Thirdly, allya have tummuch staff. De salads already premaid and it doan tek 4 people in the kitchen to mek fries and sandwiches when the place got in two customers unless wunnah is west indians and really got a domino game going on behind dey an I din hear no slamming so I doan feel dat was the case. So less staff please. Even if allya put in money to own the place allya doan have to be there at the same time.

Fourthy, if de prices high at least when a man eating in and ask fa ketchup doan gi he two lil packets like is a takeout place. Come on now, wunnah cud afford a lil squirt bottle. The prices saying highfaluting and the lack a proper ketchup saying cut rate. Decide which level wunnah aiming for otherwise ya confusing the customer. Aint have to be a bottle on every table but two or three botttles a ketchup cant kill wunnah. And it would look so much better than the lil packets.

And finally I know that cleanliness is next to godliness and no-one wants to eat in a dirty restaurant so I commend you on your fastidiousness on the issue. However if wunnah sweeping up de floor an a man sitting at a table eating then leff dat table to sweep til when the customer move nuh! Doan be bobbing and weaving trying to get between mi legs while I eating. That is juss rude nuh. Plus I aint want wunnah trying to sweeps my feets ok. Play wunnah aint know dat in Barbados we duz say when ya feet get sweep ya aint gine get marry. Well I already marry but wunnah might sweep my feet an reverse it so I aint wants to tek no chance.

Anyway the sandwich was decent at least ya have that but yea um was still overpriced. Not me an wunnah again.


Guyana-Gyal said...

If it is stuff like smoked marlin, I can understand the high price, and special kinds of meat and cheese.

But as you say, if a place wants to look and be pricey, then them li'l plastic packets o' ketchup got to go!

And it should be fruit juice instead of soda...unless over there, fruit juice is reeeeeally expensive, I don't know.

VirginiaC said...

You should print your post and leave it in the Suggestion Box.
If no box, leave it discreetly on the table when you leave.
Your suggestions will be helpful to them in the long run.

Jdid said...

GG ya kno I was thinking that as well. Was very surprised with the lack of juice. I understand having the soda cause everybody dont want juice but the options were just water, regular cans of soda and then a fancier brand of soda that they were selling way way too expensive.

They are located near a bunch of schools so I think opening in June going to be rough cause come summer aint going to be as much people looking to buy anything in there.

Virginia I think I may have to say something if I go back in again but I fear it may already be too late.

What happens around here alot I find is new restaurant opens signs one year lease pays so much rent up front and then if the business aint doing well they stop paying and then say 7 months after they open you see chains on the doors. I fear this will be like that.