Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Miss Utah

Cuhdear everybody laffin at poor Miss Utah.

See the link dey

So Sunday night at de Miss USA show (and before ya ask yes apparently dem duz still got dese pagents cause I thought dem did dun wid) dem ask poor Miss Utah a question "A recent report shows that in 40 per cent of American families with children, women are the primary earners, yet they continue to earn less than men. What does this say about society?”

Miss Utah freeze like a deer in headlights and mumble out some nonsense bout "create education better". Poor chile!

But why dem laffin at she for especially all dem anonymous bullies hiding behind a twitter? First off I dare half a dem to answer de question better than she. I dare them!! Most a de limited to 140 word posse duz cant even put two sentences together properly and when they do duz usually sound like they need some sort of remedial education (sorry the un-pc thing would be to say dem duz sound igrant an retarded but today is pc tuesday so I trying to be nice) so shame on dem fa laffin at anybody at all.

Second allya know how hard it is to think and react and open ya mout when ya put a big stage wid summuch an summuch cameras in ya face? Wha de poor girl lucky she aint ketch bad feels.

Third, I dont know why year after year dem duz have a question segment in these shows anyways. Who dem think dem fooling, de show name beauty pagent it aint name Miss Intelligent.

The whole point of the question and answer segment should be to try to mek sure the ladies can speak properly and present themselves in public. Its not to see if they are fit for political office so why ask such a difficult question? How many a we could answer dat question coherently doah? Wha Sarah Palin did running for big political office an I betcha she sheself probably couldnt answer this damn question. And she wun be the only politician or political hopeful. chupse!

Looka if dem persist in continuing wid de pagents stick to de beauty aspect. Not to be misogynistic and portray these women as chattel but in line with what these contests really represent as they stand and don't give me that empowerment jive then why not

-swimsuit bikini check.
-Evening gown check.
-Can walk in heels widout falling down. check.
-Can open she mout an speak properly an got lil manners an wun embarass we. check.
Alright then show dun.

Ask the ladies something conversational, ask them something about their home state or something about their community that they would more likely know. Why ask them about hot button political topics like this?

Pure nonsense. And got we laffin at poor Miss Utah now.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Speaking of beauty, I'm really glad I'm not a teen girl today, the pressure to have beautiful hair, eyes, teeth, skin, body is hArRrrible, I don't remember us ever having such pressure growing up.

VirginiaC said...

To be honest, when I viewed it, I didn't feel the urge to laugh at all. I felt quite sorry for the poor girl.
As with anything of this nature, it soon blows over, and folks will soon forget it and move on to something else.

ac said...

ghee! beauty and no brains....wuhloss