Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic coverage

OK in general I'm not feeling these Olympics. So here are three of my gripes:

1) Olympic coverage sucks. First off the US coverage is all or mostly tape delayed. I saw a sticker on NBC saying live swimming and its the same race I saw on CBC 12 hours earlier. What gives. Then the CBC (Canada) coverage royally pissed me off today.

100m second round: They show the first two heats then switch to Women's soccer. I figured ok heat 3 doesn't really have in anyone of note in it but they'll switch back for 4 and 5 when Bolt and Powell are running. Plus there is a Canadian in Bolt's heat anyways: Anson Henry of Toronto.

Do they switch back? Nope. They continue showing the first half of a preliminary women's soccer game and I was left to scramble finally finding coverage of the sprints on the French CBC station.

Now I am upset cause (1) Bolt and Powell are the favorites and the sprints are way more interesting than soccer (2) You're telling me you couldn't switch away from the first half of a soccer game for two minutes to view a sprint that takes about 10 seconds to complete. (3) If you want to make the argument that you are covering Canadian athletes and don't give a hoot about Jamaican Bolt and Powell fine but Anson Henry a Canadian was in one of those races. You'll show every moron swimmer and diver who cant get within throwing distance of the medal podium but you cant show a Canadian sprinter. Why the second class treatment of Henry? That not right! shame, shame, shame.

That said Bolt just ran the easiest 9.92 I've ever seen. The dude wasn't even focused, his head was looking to the side half way through the race. Crazy!

2) These Chinese people aint easy at all. Ya mean the girl thats actually singing wasnt pretty enough to be shown on tv? Cuhdear! Scarred for life!Photobucket
Forget Ashlee Simpson and them so this is the most infamous lip-synch since Rob & Fab dropped. Thats Milli Vanilli in case you dont know. Yes you know its true oooh oooh oooh!

Man is that messed up. You know that couldn't happen in North America. Parents would sue and people would get on real bad. But ya cant have pins wid China. They do what they do and you cant stop them.

3) These foolish Spanish Basketball players. Photobucket All I can ask is if you are going to China why would you take a team photo like that? Of course I'm judging by North American and Caribbean standards here.

Spain seems to be known for its racism and its downplaying of its racism. Remember Tierry Henry and that soccer coach? and more recently Hamilton Lewis at the F1.

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton was subjected to abuse at a Barcelona circuit in February, while former Spain coach Luis Aragones also used a racist remark about France striker Thierry Henry to motivate one of his players. Monkey chants rained down on England's black players during an international friendly against Spain in a match played in Madrid in 2004, soon after Aragones' outburst.

Hmmm! I'm a say it first bring back TJ get rid of Jose! What! You know y'all Toronto people was thinking it too.


Ruthibelle said...

-The singing/miming deception was disgraceful. I mean, it's Olympics, not a beauty pageant... and this rumour that their gymnasts may be younger than 16 - I say investigate, if only to quell suspicions once and for all...
-The Spanish basketball team a classic case of all brawn no brains...

Melody said...

Didn't know they had de actual lip-sync -- ah thought they weren't quite so 'music biz' yet. Ah thought they'd just replaced de singer altogether. Liberation or advancement?!

Mighty Afroditee said...

It was too good to be true. Lawd, the US media pounce on the lip-synching scandal like a starving man on a piece of bread! LOL!! They were waiting for something scandalous, and I had a feeling that if it never came to light, they wudda prolly mek up sometink!

The coverage does suck. I tiyad a hearing the words "Michael" and "Phelps". Lawd help me if mi had a pickney name Michael, for me wudda prolly be at the registrar by now fi change 'im name...

Abeni said...

Not feeling the Olys at all.I am watching but maybe it is the times,the jaded feelings re the sports and all that. Fed up of Phelps too although he can really swim.


The Olympic coverage is total crap.Especially, how it is being done by NBC.NOTHING BUT CRAP(NBC).

Mad Bull said...

I hadn't even really tried to watch it prior to this weekend. I dunno about you, but swimming races are boring. Diving, yes! I would watch that, but not swimming, and evertime I turn on the TV, it was swimming.

Dutty Bwoy said...

The Chinese lip sync call alert the United nations and have meeting wit the security council to discuss sanctions and embargoes.

What a human rights violation of the 8 or 7 year old girl's voice.

The american media is so jealous an extremely envious of anything Chinese or Beijing. They complain about the air pollution, Tibet and that the great wall of china is too tall.

American jealous Bejing won the right to host Olympics over their beloved country so they complain. I see they have managed to wage a great propoganda campiagn againsust China because many has been brain washed by their biasness.

NBC really sucks. They refuse to show the premire athletic event with Bolt and Powell and again today the women's 100 metres where Jamaica swept them into humiliation.

To continue their jeolousnss they are saying there was a false start even though they race to the end. They are also complaining that they should get a medal even though they came in 4th and 5th place.

unbelievable, don't get me wrong, I love America but some are absolutely jealous, bias........

garry said...

Maybe they should ban the Spanish from the next Olympics for their racist behaviour. Lets see if they think that’s funny!

I also think it’s a disgusting way to treat a little child, she has a beautiful voice but she is too dam ugly to be allowed to sing in front of millions. But I suppose that’s the Chinese for you!