Wednesday, August 06, 2008

When you least expect

Before I start I found this today and thought I had to share. Classic Satire! I love those guys.

Anyways I had a whole post planned on a different topic to what I'm going to speak on now but sometimes blog posts just fall in ya lap.

I'm on the bus coming home this evening when we stop to let off a passenger at a stop and then I noticed that the bus isnt moving at all. Look outside and some sort of disturbance, disruption thing coming down the road. Now I had noticed the 6 or so youth but just assumed they were playing.

Alas no, looked like a big fight about to break out.

So Bus driver stops the bus to report disturbance. Interesting I thought, disturbance on the street not on the bus, well sidewalk if you want to be more precise so what did he stop the bus for? Maybe its protocol, maybe he was just being a conscientious citizen. I don't know.

Anyway I couldn't hear what was going on so although I could see the actual incident I really don't know what it was about although I can sort of guess it had something to do with ownership of a bicycle.

Then two guys had this one young man, in an Iverson jersey, (henceforth called AI jersey fella) restrained and the bicycle was on the ground where they stopped.

Now by the way, I thought about not mentioning the Iverson jersey just cause it's like hip hop. If I mention that somebody was listening to hip hop when something happen suddenly hip hop going to be blamed so I figure somebody going blame AI for this or the guy will not be as sympathetic or going to get labeled some sort of thug because of the AI jersey but oh well I cant leave out details just so.

Anyway some older folk came down the street including one woman who looked like she should have stayed inside considering the top she was wearing. They pulled AI jersey fella away and then there were two camp on the sidewalk gestering vociferously (but not vociferously enough that I could hear them in the bus).

Now this incident went on for a good 10 minutes all of which we were park off by the bus stop. The interesting thing to me was the reaction of one cat in AI jersey fella's crew. Now there were three young guys in that camp and the two older folk trying to calm down things or at least it seemed that way from my viewpoint.

Now AI jersey fella was at the heart of the incident and he was talking to the older folk while one of the other guys looked like he was ready to rush in the other crowd and share some liks. Then there was another smaller chap with them who ran back inside a house. Now he to me was the person of interest.

Now I dont know about you but anytime something happening so and I see somebody run back to a house I get a lil worried. I could just imagine the conversation outside from the gesturing.

"Oh yea alright then, if you is a man wait dey til I come back"

Now any bajan will tell you that the phrase wait dey til I come back really means you better start running now cause this other person is going do something stupid. They going to come back with rocks or knives or guns or their big brother or father or mother with rocks and guns and knives and then trouble going really start.

So I in the bus imagining these words being exchanged and all sorts of scenarios and wondering to myself why this foolish bus driver don't start the bus and report the incident from someplace safer like perhaps three bus stops up the road. I mean doesnt he have an obligation to his passengers first? Suppose the fella that run back inside come outside letting off shots like he mad and something happen to one a we on the bus?

As it stands if it was me we wouldnt have stopped at all. Sorry but as it stood looked like a fair battle to me, sides were pretty even and I've seen enough crap to know that you dont really want to get into any sort of crew battles. Next thing ya know somebody decide to lik me cross my head or worse so no not I in this one.

But it was interesting because it caused me to ask a couple of questions. What is the bus drivers obligation to report the incident and what is his obligation to the people under his care.

I still waiting on answers on both. What y'all think?


Mighty Afroditee said...

Bus driver shudda drive on while reporting the incident, for he coudda get ya'll caught up in all kinda ways: late for your ultimate destination; potential witnesses to testify in court, and sitting ducks should gun shot ring out. He mussy did jus' wah fi fass.

Melody said...

De bus driver waan see de fight -- monotonous drivin' day. He'd prob'ly get on his phone an' place a bet on de outcome, quicker than he'd call de po. They say coast-guard rules require any sea-farin' vessel to help anyone in distress at sea, but pon dry land wi don't haffe help?! Maybe de driver's from de old school: no blood no foul. So if de 'wait dey' fella bring back a machete, then driver call fi de cops. (Gore still famous!!)

Abeni said...

The Bus Driver was being a good citizen but y'all could have been exposed to danger

Jdid said...

lol melody this is a classic line They say coast-guard rules require any sea-farin' vessel to help anyone in distress at sea, but pon dry land wi don't haffe help?!

Garry said...

The bus driver definitely wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. I don’t have problem with him reporting it, what I cant understand is why he had to hang around and watch it for. He was clearly putting the life’s of the passengers on board the bus at risk, if the incident went crazy!