Friday, August 22, 2008


Did anyone catch this item with Presidential nominee Senator McCain saying he doesn't know how many houses he owns?

Must be nice huh?

Wow! I ain't mad at him for owning his real estate, more power to him but it just looks bad to say something like that as Presidential nominee. Especially in this era of sub-prime loans and massive foreclosures. It just smacks of a diss to poor people. It also says he really doesn't know whats important to the people these days like not having their homes grabbed from beneath their feet cause of some shady wall street orchestrated financial loan scheme.

Still Americans want their presidents to be rich, after all the whole process with its drawn out processes and campaign is geared towards those with deep pockets. They just don't want to be reminded that these dudes are rich.

Meanwhile the Republicans are trying to pitch Obama as the elitist one. (Actually they're both rich & elitist but at least Obama didnt make that comment.)


maria said...

John McCain is so hopelessly out of touch, he's dangerous.

I'm going to be holding my breath until November.

Ruthibelle said...

Can't hate the man for owning his own real estate... can't hate him at all.

Melody said...

If him list too many, him sound too rich; if him don't list some, him too lie; if him dodge de question like him doan remember exactly hummuch him have, him look like eediat rather than just rich -- him prob'ly choose de eediat option. Dem try paint him as old an' senile, who knows! But de ting wid somebody who seh wrong/candid (though intelligent) tings so often (HowardDean too) is that their candor is so refreshin' it sounds a lot like actual honesty.

Dee said...

What I hate on him for is not knowing. What kind of management is that? No, he doesn't have to know exactly what was wrong with the plumbing in 260 Millionaire Street last month, but is he that careless with money he doesn't know that address belongs to him?
I want him to know how many troops have been killed in Afghanistan this week. But if he doesn't even care about his own real estate, will he show interest in the lives this country thinks are so expendable?
I have one little savings account and you best believe I am checking the interest at least once a week to make sure the people aren't screwing up. I couldn't countenance having real estate and not knowing how much I have or what's going on with it.
he's lying, and he thinks we're stupid. At least come up with a believable lie.

Empath said...

John McSame, jeeze I watching to see if Americans will vote for him in November.

Abeni said...

Looks like he heading for the White House.

Maybe the man just got alzheimer's