Friday, September 09, 2005

Dirty Rotten

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSKUNKS!

Last night Pepe and one of his boys were having an epic struggle on my back lawn. I had no idea what the crazy racket was outside until we turned on the lights and there they were beating the crap out of each other and spraying up the place something fierce. And even though all windows were closed somehow that smell still filtered into the house so that the entire place smells like skunk. Dirty Rotten Scoundrel Skunks lol!

Anyway today is just a random mish mash of stuff today. First up big up to Humanity Critic for sweeping the Black Blogger Awards. He probably couldn't have done it without Solitaire as campaign manager though.

And summer is over or almost over and the one and only Starfoxx is finally back so to all her fans go check her out. Oh yea big up all Toronto massive, Star, Urban Sis, Marlo, Soli, Radmila, Big N, Nat, Becky and anyone I forgot. By the way where's the Big N these days has his site been jacked?

And in case anyone feels left out just big up everyone who reads here and all the bloggers out there too numerous to mention. Speaking of which I've noticed a significant increase in the black bloggers out there in the past few weeks. I'm checking comments on other sites etc and just seeing a whole bunch of new names. Is it folks are new or just we getting more connected? Big tings a gwan! Good to see us making moves BUT on another note what's up with my Caribbean massive. No new Caribbean bloggers who are actually in the Caribbean, what a gwan there? I feel like is Mad Bull and Dr D intimidating the yout dem or is just them 'faid of Kami :-)

Had a nostalgic episode yesterday when I was listening to this sort of old country-ish song with some Mexican guitars called Perdoname (don't think I was listening to the original version though) which means forgive me in Spanish on the subway yesterday. Some of you Caribbean folks from my era may know it. That song just brought back memories of my yout and I could see myself listening to CBC (Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation not Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) as a child. It was really a strong vision. Somehow calming. I started smiling broadly but then folks on the subway gave me that 'wha wrong wid you?' look so I retreated back into my headphones.Sigh!

And finally big big big shout out to my brother the one and only Rogue for hitting me up with the new banner. That's my homie from Bim (Barbados). We've known each other since we were like in primary school when I was writing stuff like 'don't copey' through High school when we were discussing deep philosophical questions like if you throw a big rock and chop somebody but nobody see you throw the big rock does that mean that the person was actually chopped by a big rock. Hmmmmm! Actually we never discussed that but I think its worth discussing. Ah the stories I could tell but which I wont. So much respect man, not sure you read this stuff but hey just thought I'd still give you your props. One!

Have a great weekend folks. Monday I'll do the first day of University blog.


BajanQueen said...

Finally, I'm first! Yeah for ME! ~LOL~

Anyway I'm glad you had your little moment on the subway.....Don't let nobody rod you of you moment!!!

Waiting to hear about University, so hurry up!!

You have a good weekend also.

Smooches :)

Campfyah said...

Hail up Jdid...Well I sent much votes tuh de Blog Awards fuh yuh, but den n uh lissen tuh me. Stil Biggup to Humanity Critic.

Enjoy yuh last of the summer weekends in T-Dot. I gonna try my best here in Arepaland

Brotha Buck said...

You are right, I have noticed many new people posting lately...thats great! I need to update my links.

brooklyn babe said...

Big Shout out to you JDid... if there was an award for most to leave a comment and show support... you'd get it hands down... BIG UPS 2 U Babes! lol

Abeni said...

Skunks really smell that bad? I never had the "luxury" of getting close to any.Maybe the black Weblog awards brought more blogs to others attention.

Echo said...

Oh brother, Not skunks! Well I guess your weekend will be spent trying to de-skunk your place. Have a good one anyway.

Amadeo said...

Damn...I feel for you with them skunks man...I never thought of them hitting innocent bystanders.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that rain falls on some cars and not others, Brother-Man?

And I do read it, from time to time...

Anonymous said...

Why is it that rain falls on some cars and not others, Brother-Man?

And I do read it, from time to time...

LivingSingle said...

Have a wonderful weekend, and try to stay away from the skunks ;)

courtneyelizabeth said...

Have a good weekend pimpin...

DIVA said...

I think more of our brown folks are blogging and posting on other people's blogs these days hence the increase. It's cool that everyone is getting connected. This is my first time here on this site but I will return. Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it got jacked. I deleted it. Maybe I'll come back, maybe not.

Dr. D. said...

Respec for the birthday big up.

Not sure why the Caribbean bloggers not steppin up to de plate. The Bull has tried to coerce a few, but the very short lived.

Didn't know they had a black bloggers award. I coulda try a ting...but then I might hear seh me too rass pale fe qualify! LOL.

You have a good weekend...I sure plan to.

Dr. D. said...

By the way...smelled a skunk in New Jersey in my teens....I doh envy you at all.

Inside Man said...

my dog got sprayed before when I wass kid. The smell lasted over a week. We had bath here in tomato sauce and it still left a stinch....

Stunner said...

Neva smell a skunk and certainly dont want to!

I didn't know about that blogger awards!

Come to my blog too and give me a shot! lol.

good weekend all.

Mad Bull said...

I didn't know about those awards either, How come oonoo nuh tell me? Is true me black, you know >:-[


Anyway, love the banner... good for Humanity Critic... Sorry to hear bout de skunk.

Shotta M said...

Yow, you forget to big urself up, so I guess I'll do it...Big up Jdid.

That skunk story cracked me up, the smell gone yet?

obifromsouthlondon said...

yes jdida you have to big up ya'self still. summer is almost over so loadsa winter bloggers will return and the black digisphere's start jumping again.


smallislandgirl said...

Never smelt a skunk either.
big up to you and congrats to Human critic heard about the award from Tony Pierce.
Jdid thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog.
hugs & kisses to you.

Luke Cage said...

That banner is indeed hot my friend. And those skunks can really funk stuff up. I hear it's murder to get rid of that stench once it gets on ya. Glad to hear you steered clear of it all...

Radmila said...

Thanks for the plug Jdid!
As for the skunks, bleh.

Jdid said...

@bajanqueen - unfortunetly dont think i'll get it done monday maybe tuesday
@camp - thanks lol
@brotha buck - yes it is we making big moves
@brooklyn babe - thank you very much
@abeni - its bad but i dont know its not as bad as i thought it would be. its overpowering in that it never lets up though but like in terms of real bad i think i've smelt worse. still wouldnt like one of them to spray me
@echo - actually it just sort of dispppeared
@amadeo - well i think they just hit each other and left some odour outside that travelled lol
@anon - whose law was that, mine or yours?
@livingsingle - thanks
@courtney - you too sistren
@diva - i agree with you. thanks for visiting
@anon - shame guy you gotta come back
@Dr D - well you have to coerce some more man.
@KG - i feel for your dog
@Stunner - yea you dont really want to
@mad bull - i thought everyone knew about the awards
@shotta - thanks
@obi - thanks good point about winter
@smallislandgirl - you dont want to meet them
@luke - thanks man.
@radmila - no prob

The Marlo Girl said...


i'm having a party. and you're invited!

see my blog for deets.

MG out.

solitaire said...

J-Diddy... wuhloss, I late!! Thanks for the shoutout.

Bro, I was having a GOOD LAUGH at the comment 'bout the skunks! Bout dem having an epic battle!

LMAO! Made my day!