Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sign of the last days

Well I think we're all going to hell in a handbasket now.

Students Allowed To Curse At Their Teachers

August 30, 2005 12:00 p.m. EST

Hector Duarte Jr. - All Headline News Staff Reporter

London, England (AHN) - A British secondary school is breaking ground by allowing its students to curse at their teachers. The catch? It cannot be done more than five times a lesson.

A count of how many times the F-word is used will be kept on a blackboard. If a class goes over the limit, it will be "spoken to" at the end of the lesson.

The controversial policy, which the school hopes will improve the behavior of pupils, was lambasted by parents' groups yesterday, warning it would backfire.

Parents were notified of the plan, which starts when the school term begins next week, in a letter from the Weavers School in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

What more can I say.


smallislandgirl said...

yuh right yes these are the last days so us parents who try to prevent our kids from hearing and using curse words will be defeated because they get to hear it in the class room now what ah thing!

Clay said...

please they've been doing that for ions in the hood!!!

Dr. D. said...

F dat effing shyte! (Don't think I went over quota!)

Shaking head!

Echo said...

What next. I think it's crazy. I don't see the lesson here...

dorna! said...

And just how is school sanctioned cussing going to improve student behaviour? Isn't that kind of like giving an alcoholic a freebie shot, just to tie him over?

Luke Cage said...

There's nothing to say man. The downspiral has begun. Actually, it began sometime ago. We're just seeing the more prominent signs now.

Abeni said...

Soon the Caribbean go follow suit.Only a matter of time

Radmila said...

Another excuse to not teach children English.
It's easier to erode a persons vocabulary than it is to enrich it.
For years I told my students that people who use cuss words every few minutes are people who don't know the proper words to use, and that's why they resort to swear words to express themselves.
Now, you can forget even learning how to express yourself through a good vocabulary.

SP said...

Everyone curses, yes. But that doesn't mean it should be condoned. To this day, I still won’t say a single curse word around my parents. It’s all about respect and today’s youth don’t seem to have any of that!

princessdominique said...

Jdid--we're not only going in a handbasket, we're going without having learned a blessed thing here on this earth.

brooklyn babe said...


summer m. said...

i guess my initial response is: maybe if we quit investing in how offensive curse words are, kids wouldn't be so interested in using them.

like what if we regarded curse words as just words? (except for the b word maybe.)

Amadeo said...

I wish I coulda done that...I can think of a few good times when I could have made appropriate usage of that priviledge. I only think it's a good idea in my case though.

Jazz said...



Campfyah said...

well I'll be damned...oh shucks..does that count against me. We've seen it all now

Yamfoot said...

Well, I tell you...

I worked in a secondary school in England. The first time I heard a student curse a teacher, I was horrified!! Now I hadnt been in many high schools recently in Jamaica and maybe that is what happens, but in my alma mater where I went to give a talk a few years ago, the girsl were quite well behaved.

I used to talk to the kids all the time about their behaviour. one black kid (there were few blacks) said he was always being picked on, so that was why he was so disruptive.

solitaire said...

I disagree with what somebody said above deh so...not everybody curses. There are people who know how to express themselves without expletives.

I know some highly intelligent folks who still have a potty mouth. I'm not sure WHY...because their vocab is highbrow.

But no, not everybody has to use a 4 letter word to express themselves.

Scratchie said...

alrighty then...I see we have hit a new low...just when you think we can't go any lower there is yet another over achiever.

Me said...

That's just crazy. For them to even to put something like that into affect just proves that kids today are truly something beyond what is normal. We were raised much better than that. And to think, if I ever have young ones they'll have to grow up with children like that. Scurry.

Inside Man said...

My father is a high school teacher in Baltimore City public shools (ruff as it gets) and I've sat in some of his classes in bewilderment. I wanted to put the vice grip on some them kids for the way they were addressing my father but a teachers has to show restraint in order to maintain stability. Kids just keepig more exposure to secular culture via internet, tv, and the streets. It shows by how adult they try to act in schools. The method of allowing them to curse will only ad fuel to the fire.

Quel said...

Maybe they're doing some reverse psychology stuff. I mean, the whole point of kids cussing in school is for the novelty of it, for the attention they get from doing something so taboo. Maybe the grown-ups making a grand display of it will take away the "cool" factor. I believe the kids will probably get tired of the class interruptions, it will get old, and eventually it will become "uncool" to cuss. They might be on to something.

Brotha Buck said...

Jdid, I think we are on the same thinking path this week.

Mad Bull said...

Hey, Jdid, tell me about this word verification thing nuh man? How is it done? Can it work with Movable Type?

Mad Bull said...

By the way, dem English ppl gone stark staring mad, rasta! :-\

BajanQueen said...

You have got to be kidding me....where have I been that all of this is going on in the world and i'm not more informed or up to date!

You see what blogging can do ta ya!

Laters :)

Bill Jones, Jr said...

Okay, that is officially the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Maybe here in the DC area you'll be allowed guns in class - but you can bust no more than 5 caps in the teacher per lesson.

Jesus save us.

obifromsouthlondon said...

crazy ain't it. liberal shite.

Shotta M said...

What next?

Jdid said...

@smallislandgirl - yep our kids are doomed
@cane - lol true
@dr D - lol
@echo - no lesson just madness
@dorna - i have no idea how this helps
@luke - it can only get worse
@abeni - and then you may have to look for another job
@radmila - yep
@sp - and the respect will become even less with this
@princess d - amen sis
@summer - i dont think i agree here
@summer - so we make a personal exception for you then
@jazz - they cant learn respect
@camp - naa i think there's more to see
@yamfoot - cursing is second nature these days it seems
@soli - agree with you
@scratchie - can always go lower just need to dig :-)
@rbg - scary isnt it?
@kg - agreed
@quel - well lets see if it works
@brother buck - looks like we are bro
@mad bull - not sure star
@bajanqueen - well thats why you rad blogs to stay informed :-)
@sabledawn - now you're being totally ridiculous, 5 caps, come on! its been proven you only need 3 caps per teacher max :-)
@obi - indeed
@shotta - I really dont know

Hypothetically Speaking said...

Absolute foolishness