Thursday, September 08, 2005

Eediat Ting dat!

And here I was saying ok enough talk about Katrina and let me try and lively up the spirit by chatting a bit about back to school (don't worry will still do the first day of University post in a few) when along comes this:

Barbara Bush while touring a facility filled with some of those displaced from Hurricane Katrina had this to say "So many of the people here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this, this is working very well for them

And although Echo and Humanity Critic amongst others beat me to the punch on this story (yea I saw it Wednesday morning but was just too busy to blog) I just have this one thing to say. EEDIAT!!!! (idiot)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThere I said it! sigh. What is wrong with that woman? She senile or she gone dotish or what? Does she think this is a makeover show for the poor where we're sending in an interior designer named Katrina to remodel these people's homes.

"Hmm lets give the room some more space. Those walls must simply go, and that wardrobe must be replaced".
"I think this place needs a bit of tweaking, I'm imagining water everywhere for that new aquatic look that's all the rage these days. Think Venice!"

Seriously Mrs Bush what kind of dumb-ass statement was that? Do you drink? Do you have a drug problem? Well at least I guess now we see which side of the family Dubya takes after.

So the folks were poor do you seriously think they are happier now that they are homeless and have lost all their possessions? What kind of logic is that? You actually believe things are better for these folks now that they are living in makeshift housing? What does that say about America the beautiful, land of a thousand opportunities?

And if these people are so poor that a hurricane striking is actually an upgrade to their existence what does that say about your son's leadership of the country and presidency?

No wonder Kanye said y'all don't like black people.

On another note CBC broadcasting is on strike here. You know Canada land of the strikes. So local community Radio CIUT (University of Toronto's broadcast station) has actually signed one of CBC's regular morning guys to do their morning show during weekdays on a volunteer basis.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI have a big issue with this. Personal but an issue nevertheless.

Why? Cause the usual morning shows on CIUT at least two or three days are West Indian music shows. So Monday morning I didn't get any King Turbo dancehall reggae show (although I usually forget that's on these days) and even worse this morning I wake up in the mood to listen to D'Bandit and Court Jester do the Worldwide show, the highlight of my week radio wise, and bring me some hot soca, dancehall and hip hop and get a brother moving this morning.

Instead I get to listen to some dude with the emotional range of a rock do the morning show. How am I supposed to get motivated by CBC's morning monotone where the man aint even sound like he wake up yet. I listen to 5 minutes and did ready to go back to sleep. Chupse!

And its the time of the year where the Kingdom of Soca djs would be playing all the new Bajan crop-over music too. I think this CBC guy better go hit the picket line and let me get back my shows in the morning cause I want my soca. And no soca or die wasn't a threat least not yet anyways lol.


Echo said...

I have one word for here "IGNORANT"

Dr. D. said...

Don't expect nutten better from a Bush!

Hope you soon get you usual radio station back, and nice pic at the top o de page.

Nikki said...

I used to think she was the smarter of the Bushes. I thought wrong.

Sunshine said...

Ji Jdid-Really ignorant.
Call into your radio station and ask for the King Turbo back.

Luke Cage said...

Right now, the Katrina debacle continues to get worse by the day. It's one big ignorant pie and the Bushes are taking a huge bite out of it.

Abeni said...

The comments keep getting worse and worse.One thing for sure is the privileged side has no clue how the other lives.

Clay said...

The LEVEES broke in the reputation of Bush ... from every angle there has been a flood of stupidity that even the most far removed person from reality can see!

Scratchie said...

You get the feeling that we are living on two different planets. People like bush have not a clue what clock a strike outta road.

brooklyn babe said...

Come... anyone with the name Bush behind it... is for the birds

~b*b~ said...

is it andy barrie you talking about? i confess i am a cbc listener, call me a nerd if you will (lol).

if you need your soca fix you can always check trini bashment (not bajan, but still...)

Campfyah said...

Didn't hear the clip on our side of the world. but hey, it was a Bush saying it, so what else do you expect. The sour apple doan fall far from the tree

So why you ein just tune into your Ipod and get yuh soca fix?

Brotha Buck said...

Alls I got to say is Mrs. Bush is one ugly woman. Somebody's gotta go to bed with that.

Urban Sista said...

She and her son need a good, hard West Indian slap 'cause they are beyond ignorant. I just shake my head at it 'cause I'm speechless.

Amadeo said...

To para-phrase a Clint Eastwood line...The Bush family keeps contributing to this huge "Cluster Fuck"

4panist said...

I couldn't believe the Barbara Bush thing when I first heard it, but they I dont' know why I was surprised. as for the morning show..."stop de talk and play de music!" good of you go big up Dr. Jay since I recognize the Tshirt as his gear.

Radmila said...

I hear Barbara is a loose canon. I hear that when she isn't told exactly what to say, she's a cantankerous ole bitch.
I think maybe someone should have given her a script.
She's not helping her sons image at all.

courtneyelizabeth said...

*mouth drops* SHE SAID THAT???

SP said...

They are all crazy. But it's not just them. Condi Rice going shopping. Dick Cheney just going down there today. He's been on vacation this whole time! It makes me sick to even think about it.

Xquizzyt1 said...

When I heard that she said that, I was in SHOCK... I can't take the ignorance that comment exhibited. That you could even form your lips to say something to horrifically stupid and not KNOW it's horrifically stupid... is just... *sigh* kinda scary almost.

And I guess this proves... that stupidity can be gotten... by injection. Lawd.

Inside Man said...

I think Barbara Bush smokes trees for medicinal purposes (wink wink)

Me said...

Off the topic : Ur template is fantastic....

smallislandgirl said...

yuh right yes eadiat ting dat!

btw do you like Allison Hinds new song?

BajanQueen said...

She's an ass!

But one things for sure....the apple don't fall far from the tree!!

Bill Jones, Jr said...

Let's be fair... the only reason she said that is because "let them eat cake" had already been said.

lady in satin said...

I've said this before in pleny other blogs posting about this...

No wonder Bush is the way he is...look at his frickin parents!! They are total racists!!

Jdid said...

@echo - agreed
@Dr d - true
@Nikki - I used to think that too
@sunshine - i may do that
@luke - amen bro
@abeni - no they dont, not in the least
@cane - true
@scratchie - true
@brooklyn babe - lol
@bb - nerd!!!
@campfyah - i aint got no ipod but i sure put on my music after that, thing is thursday mornings is probably only day i listen to the radio
@brotha buck - ha ha ha
@urban sis - agreed
@amadeo - lol
@4panist - yea gotta big up k.o.s family
@radmila - really? i never imagined that
@courtney - yep she said it
@Sp - just sheer disrespec for the poor man
@x - ha ha ha, i like
@KG - i think she's on some harder stuff
@avik - thanks man
@smallislandgirl - yea allison's song is nice
@bajanqueen - true
@sabledawn - indeed
@lady in satin - true