Monday, September 19, 2005

Welcome to T dot

Was walking up Yonge street through the rain Friday evening and heard Lil Kim's blatant rip off of Damien Marley's Welcome to Jamrock and thought to myself let me do a T-dot version. So I sat on my subway ride and made this up between sleep and pondering life's eternal question; arent vybez kartel's neva neva and nuttin nah go so by notch basically the same song? why do subway riders stand in the doorway and stop other riders from getting on the train when there is ample room in the aisles? What does Paul Wall mean when he's talking about sitting sideways is he talking about riding in a TTC bus? And the greatest mystery of all can the rumours be true did the Source gave Lil Kim's new album 5 mics and if so why?Image hosted by

Anyway as you can see still I dont feel like saying too much this week, just still jdid today i guess.

Oh and off/on topic why is it if enter Welcome to Toronto in google images one of the first images I encounter is two topless women who really should be covered? Now now guys dont all rush to google now. lol

Anyway here is my first draft 'needs to be edited' or thrown in the garbage Welcome to T-dot have a great week.

Out in the streets they call it murder!

Welcome to T dot
it started getting hot, on my block
nuff black man fi get shot
it look like it cant stop, wont stop
and then some eediat
claim all blacks fe get stop (by police!)
dey say we need more cop
some say that the yout is a bad lot
even parents saying this a bad crop
it seem like a bad plot
filmed in a t-dot backlot
ya dont know what man have in him backpack
cause every day it seems man lost him head
fraid fe walk some street cause the place get dread
gangsta aim at enemy, shoot you instead
bullet dont know rasta from baldhead
welcome to T-dot!

Yea I know I make the place sound like Falujah or something when in reality it is quite safe compared to most North American cities but as I said it was just what popped into my head. Maybe I need to do a Caribana version.

Out in the streets they call it soca!!

Welcome to T dot
I jumpin up till I get hot hot
soca music play non-stop
I on pun the pan rack
i looking an i had to say whats that
dem gals have summuch back back
dem looking real phat phat
man wine an end up wid a break back
faget ta tek him ginseng extract
him neva shud test dat
him neva shudda claim him can best dat

or something so..


Echo said...

I like your version better than lil kims.

ThandieLand said...

Nice going dere...Welcome to T-dot...nice ring to it:D

brooklyn babe said...

Come down Selector... "Lay Good" meana rewind, the gunshot meana fwd, we request the next song, we-we-wah...

Amadeo said...

I haven't heard the Lil' Kim joint and I'm sure yours is better...btw is she in jail yet?

princessdominique said...

All you need now are some scantily clad back-up dancers tossing their weaves around.

ps. Stop by the sofa anytime. I won't charge you for the first session.

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-Just passing through. Hope you get back to your chatty self soon.

Dr. D. said...

So, you goin for a BET award next year JDid?? ;-)

Dr. D. said...

BTW, you done know seh the video haffi have whole heap a phat gyal in batty riders a whine! ;-)

Scratchie said...

haul and pull up my selector wheel and come again..JDid

summer m. said...

hip hop must be theme of the day...i just posted a george bush freestyle.

i'm quite the amateur, though.

that damian marley is that hot isht.

Abeni said...

Lol,I'll take the soca version

~b*b~ said...

somebody say Fiiiyyyyyyyaahhhhhh. i think you should recrod that soca version breds.

Inside Man said...

Somebody call Russell!!...err, I mean Jay-Z??

smallislandgirl said...

jdid yuh miss yuh calling nice!!

BajanQueen said...

Wow you a talented brother indeed...I like your rendition better.

And as for telling everybody bout we business....I sorry boo! ~LOL~
I was cracking up when I read your comment!! You too much.


Campfyah said...

so so I signing on as Jdid's personal manager, publicist, designer, advertiser ect.

Is good thing yuh did half sleep while writing. Welcome tuh T.Dot Bajan Style

Mad Bull said...

Hah hah, you miss you calling rude boy! I can see you now! Yes star! Welcome to T-dot

Luke Cage said...

Dag man. I was on my way to Google the Tdot too..-lol I haven't liked Lil Kim since her first album, so anything that she does is going to be a copy or a pseudo something. Just like her mug and her fake body parts. Besides, she's off to prison for a year and a day. She clearly needs the time off...

Angry Dog said...

JDid, I endorse this entry 100% Much better dan Li'l Cum's..errr Kim's version!

LivingSingle said...

Didn't lil kim go to jail today? The rap should be 'welcome to cell block"

Jdid said...

@echo - thanks
@thandieland - i think so too
@brooklyn babe - lol, selector fling down dat big tune deya from man like jdid lol
@amadeo - heres sucks and yep she's in jail now
@princess d - scantily clad dancers? now we're talking!
@sunshine - thanks
@Dr D - yes star soon see me on the red carpet wid likkle bow wow lol and yes i need some women for the video
@scratchie - lol
@summer - i gotta go check that out
@abeni - ok bring the vincie girls for the video :-)
@bb - lol, ya can sing, i cud sell ya de song?
@KG - lol naa Jay aint messing wid me something about beyonce and its a whole mess i dont ant to get into it lol
@smallislandgirl - thanks
@bajanqueen - thank you
@camp - lol, just remember 10% of nothing is still nothing lol
@mad bull - bredren i leaving you incharge of rounding up the video girls
@luke cage - me too
@angry dog - thanks
@living single - yep she's doing her jail thing right now lol, that probably the remix

Nikki said...

Jdid, I like your interpretation of this joint.

obifromsouthlondon said...

gwan wid the bad lyrics jdid!