Thursday, September 22, 2005

Popular Media day

Ok I guess I should jump back on the horse and blog about something or the other.

First off ANTM is back and although I didn't know this I accidentally stumbled onto it tonight as I made dinner BUT under no circumstances will I be wasting valuable blog space on that show this year ...although my man Nate Dogg was on so I can confidently say that I watched without sounding effeminate. What?? I'm comfortable with my masculinity, who said that lol.

Hold up wait.... (just had to throw that little Nate Dogg line in) All I'm saying is one girl needs to do something with her eyebrows , Twiggy was harsh on the sisters and my favorite girl is Ebony. I 'm done, I'm a respected blogger I cant be talking about no top models no more lol. Yea lets talk about something sports related or something like that, Anyone see the game? That reminds me I wanted to do a blog about how the Jays continue to get whiter and the Raptors will suck big time this year but with whinny Vince gone I may actually go watch my first game in 3 years.

Secondly, the new Damien Marley cd is kinda hot but if you read my man obi you'd already know that. Today was the first time I got a chance to really listen to the full second verse of welcome to Jamrock. Wicked lyrics my yout.

Come on let's face it, a ghetto education's basic
A most a the youths them waste it
And when they waste it, that's when they take the guns and replace it
Then them don't stand a chance at all
And that's why a nuff little youth have up some fat matic
With the extra magazine inna them back pocket
And have leisure night time inna some black jacket
All who not lock glocks, them a lock rocket
Then will full you up a current like a short circuit
Them a run a roadblock which part thr cops block it
And from now till a mornin not stop clock it
If the run outta rounds a brought back ratchet

Kinda deep. Overall I think I still like Halfway Tree better than this album and I must say I'm astonished that he re-made Pimper's Paradise but its kinda nice although not as good as the original which was one of my favorite Bob songs. He also samples Exodus on Move. I guess its his pops ish so he can use it. One bad move though, the Hey Girl song is pure BET throwaway. Its dreadful, that's probably the one bad point on the album although I got sidetracked and haven't finished the last two songs yet.

Thirdly, its new tv time. Yea if I'm going to do a popular media post why not just do it all one time. I'm just rambling here in case you haven't figured it out yet. I'm personally really not feeling the new tv season at all. I know everyone's raving on this whole Prison Break show. Sorry but I just cant get with this shows premise, I mean what happens once the guy breaks out and how can they sustain this show for longer than one season. If they had straight out said it was a miniseries maybe I would watch but they claim that even after the guy gets away the story will continue. Well duhh then it cant be called Prison Break can it?

I'm waiting to watch the premier of Chris Rock's Everyone Hates Chris but I fear that will disappoint. Only show so far that's grabbed my attention is Steven Bochco's 'Over There' and even that's sorta questionable cause I really hate the dumb black character they have Sticky Fingers playing. Still its sort of like Tour of Duty for the new millennium I guess.

And finally in a previous blog I complained about those striking CBC dudes taking over my local community station in the morning and taking off my favorite radio shows. Yea I know CBC radio is all informative and a great listen but yo the man interrupt soca and dancehall in the morning to inform me. Soca and dancehall man! I man missing some new soca tunes to get me going in the morning first so that then my brain wakes up and I can then take in the information. lol. Well anyway apparently this is the last week for the CBC guys on CIUT and from next week I get my Worldwide and Morning Ride shows back. Yesss!

Ok not my best prose ever. ok tomorrow a decent post. Promise.


obifromsouthlondon said...

yes rude boy thx for the shout. "Hey Girl" is straight filler material. I liked the Halfway tree joint. Kinda crazy It won a grammy and no one I know had checked for it.

I kinda feel being Bob's son kinda holds back Damian's game. like he'll be judged by his dad's output.

That second verse is crazy, crazy hot. Inspired me to write that post about "Operation Trident". what shapes the youth? education or environment? peer pressure? Definitely the lick for the year 2005.

Bring on the "America's Next Top Model" posts. I dug your last series. skimpy dope.

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-I'm still to get Damien's new CD. I love Halfway Tree. I believe that was a work of brilliance. Obifromsouthlondon-unfortunatley Damien will be judged by his father's music by some, but I do feel that Damien has proven himself as a poet. Just my humble opinion but no one can be compared to Bob. He's in a class by himself. No one can write as simply as Bob and get across messages such as emancipation, slavery, injustic and love and the rest it in such a lyrical and beautiful style. No one can write with such gut level passion as Bob.

Angry Dog said...

Now as I had commented about the CD on my was definately worth the $9.99 I paid for it at Best Buy. Never really judged the Gong based on his father's work, he does have a great style of his own--however, the CD was definately not as great as Half-Way-Tree, but it can still listen.

The Humanity Critic said...

I can't front bro, that top model show is my new ish. Don't tell anyone

Great post and great blog by the way.

Echo said...

Seems the men are enjoying top model more than the women. Lol. Enjoy!

princessdominique said...

JDid, I must and I say "MUST" jump in on the ANTM reference. I saw it and that chick was HILARIOUS! I mean, her eyebrows looked like the peel and stick kind. What was she thinking? I'm not sure where she was from but bushy went out with Brooke Shields and that asymetrical edging was way beyond weird. If you like the 80s watch Reunion, it comes on Thursday nights. House is pretty good too. I'm just leary watching anything on tv because everything I like is always getting canceled and what ends up staying on tv is crap.

Dr. D. said...

I kinda did a ramble myself today...just not to disappoint.

I'm one o dem who not into Damien at me different...I doh really care.

Shotta M said...

Nothing wrong with the rambling sometimes. Damien Marley is a person I respec to the max - his music has always inspired me.

Campfyah said...

shucks and I missing out on all the good TV shows, the new music nuh fair :-((


dorna! said...

And because I'm woefully out of step I only just heard "Welcome to Jamrock" last night. Damn good song.

Brotha Buck said...

Im feeling the same about Chris Rocks show. I hope it is successful, but it feels like a remake, or the black version of Everybody love Raymond which is a huge success. How you gonna go up against a giant like that and win? Hope it is funny.

Genesis said...

@ brother buke

i dont think its another "everybody loves raymond", it more so reminds me of "malcolm in the middle".

brooklyn babe said...

Oh damn. Humanity watching "Top Models" Whoah. And yes Jdid, that "Jamrock" tune is hard seed boy, had to put it pun de site.

Inside Man said...

of all places i saw Damien Marley in concert in Omaha, Nebraska (4 year ago). Good show...

Stunner said...

Welcome to Jamrock hard! Look like the CD will be a decent one.

YingYang said...

"Jamrock" is one sweet track; Damian channels Bob like no other Marley brother can.

Jdid, give "Prison Break" a chance. I started looking at the show because Wentworth "Sexy half-Black Brother" Miller was the star, but the show is growing on me. Besides, Fox Mondays are good - Arrested Development, Kitchen Confidential and Prison Break. Yeah baby!