Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First Experience

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWell yesterday was the first day back to school for most kids here in Toronto. As a result my bus ride is now about 5 minutes longer and I get to watch the high schoolers smoke herb in the bus shelter for another year sigh!

Anyway was talking to some fam the other night and her son went to his first day of school yesterday and I got to thinking about my first day of school way way way way back in the day.

Now if you've been reading this blog for any amount of time you know Barbados I man a born an raise right. Must be proud of my heritage and dem sorta tings denn!!

Anyway I can barely remember anything about that first day of school except that I was the youngest kid there since most of the kids started at 5 but because my dad was a friend of the headmaster of the primary school and I apparently was a precocious little tyke (I've always wanted to use them there words) I got to start at 4 and a likkle bit. (It came back to bite me in the butt cause I had to repeat a year so that I could do the 11+ with my peer group. What's the 11+ ah that's another story for another time)

So there I went off to school, a tiny little thing, my little afro combed and greased properly, holding mommy's hand all outfitted in my new 'criss' pressed khaki shirt and pants. With the khaki socks held up by an elastic garter and the dark brown leather shoes polish off nice and shiny. Cause all the schools in the Caribbean when I was growing up had a school uniform and for most primary schools khaki was the boys outfit. So imagine how dapper young Jdid was looking that day, all bright and bushy tailed, ready for the school world lol.

My school was less than a 10 minute walk from home so we reached there rather quickly and I settled into a line in the school yard where assembly was held for the infants classes. I don't remember why assembly was outside because the school had a huge hall that was used as well. Assembly consisted of singing, a prayer, announcement and reciting the Barbados pledge of allegiance while standing at allegiance: I pledge allegiance to my country Barbados and to my flag, to uphold and defend their honor and by my living to do credit to my nation wherever I go.

Not sure we actually did all that stuff on the first day but that was the usual way things went. It was interesting standing there in line that first day though as I was pretty much surrounded by other boys and girls in the same situation as myself. Meanwhile anxious parents mostly mothers stood by on the side proud yet worried about their children as they made this leap to primary school.

So this first morning when assembly was over and the teachers started to lead us away there was a lot of crying as some kids ran back to their moms or resisted following the teacher. And me? Nope none of that for me apparently. I don't remember it but my mom says that apparently even back then the ice water ran through my veins and I didn't even so much as look back much less cry. I just followed the teacher and was off to class to find out what all this school stuff was all about. See even back then I was emotionless. Memo to wife lol.

So any of you remember the first day of your school career?

Next: First day at University.


Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-I remember vividly my first day of school. I was 4 years old and packed this hell of a white suitcase with all my worldly possessions. One child asked me what I had in the suitcase and I replied "a chicken". Robinson's Prep School on Constant Spring Road. It's no longer there. I remember being extremely anxious and scared.

Dr. D. said...

Only thing I memba is I attended St. Margaret's Prep....CRAFT has taken away my ability to recall my first day of school!

Echo said...

I was so anxious, I was up real early (I was the youngest of 5, and couldn't wait). I wanted to take the bus, but my momma didn't let me, I had to go in the car(for the first week), My momma cryed, but I was just smiling. Lol.

Abeni said...

I remember being all excited and impatient to leave home to go to school.I don't think I cried altho that won't be surprising given my clingy nature.

Abeni said...
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Campfyah said...

Who can forget that first day at St.Patricks Primary school. My blue 3 pleat uniform with lite blue checkered shirt, big blue puff leg panties and two big blue rbbons tie on tuh my lil pickey hair covered wid a straw panama hat wid blue sash. the ribbons were bigger and longer than my hair. some patent leather black shoes with white socks. For some reason the shoes burned my feet like no bodies business and to make matters worse, I think I peed myself the first day of school. LOL memories.

The Humanity Critic said...

I remember being exicted about going to school because of all the "fresh meat" that would be there.

*"Fresh meat"-new females


Campfyah said...

Migoodness....Humanity Critic actually read other peoples blog...

Amadeo said...

I was cool cause my cousin was with me...I did hate the fact that they lined us all up outside as well.

smallislandgirl said...

I had my twin sister with me so I am sure it was not bad this post brings back so much memories the assembly thing and the uniform and being able to walk to school it being so close.

BajanQueen said...

I remember crying and running to my mother begging her not to leave me there!!

My uniform was blue with a white shirt, blue socks, and blue ribbons in my hair!

Boy you took it back. LOL

smallislandgirl said...

btw that picture header is sooo beautiful I wish I could dive in.

Inside Man said...

My first day (until the 6th grade) consisted of my Mom walking me to school/bus stop and giving me a huge mommas boy kiss in front of all my friends. It's bad enough that she made all my lunches (no school lunch for KG, even in Junior high). All jokes aside atleast I ate healthy

traynice said...

First day of school I showed up really late. My mom didnt want me to go so I was home with her eating ackee and codfish with green bananas. My father came home and took me and my mother cussed him. LOL

Like you my father had a hook up at the school (he hired the principal and most of the teachers) so they took me a year early.

Jdid said...

@sunshine - so you took the suitcase to school
@Dr D - shame
@echo - sounds like fun
@abeni - lol
@camp - ha ha ha
@HC - do you mean elementary or high school?
@amadeo - so did your cousin take you
@smallislandgirl - yea its funny what we remember aint it. oh and glad you like the header
@bajanqueen - and what did your mom say?
@KG - I know how that fels my mom walked me to school sometimes and it was embarassing
@traynice - cool