Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hiatus over .....sorta

Its just a blog! Ok got to get back in the game and represent for the T dot. Just going to write for the sake of writing.

First off what happened to my T dot peeps. Marlo's retiring , Star just got back, Urban Sis like she fall asleep, Nat fire the blog, Becks like she unda pressure wid school an ting and Soli disappear too. Oh wait I just realize Soli post. Alright way to go girl.

Yo T dot stand up! what a gwan?

Anyway I'm just brushing off the cobwebs because I 'm rather tired as I write but the urge just hit me so here are is a bit of nothing and some randomness from the mind of Jdid.

Was just reading that Tropical Storm Tammy just formed off Florida

Boy didnt realize dat get post before I was finished.

Anyway as I was saying just realize we down to Tropical storm Tammy. Have we ever gotten that far on the naming convention before? Seems like real nuff storms this year, more than usual.

OK in NBA news my Toronto Raptors traded Rafer "Skip to my Lou" Alston for Mike James prompting this little interlude from me yesterday. Mike James! Who? Mike James! Who? Mike James! who? lol, shut up, its funny to some people.. Just when I thought the Raptors couldnt get any worse. Sigh. So now I've got to decide if its worth the effort to waste cash on a NBA game this season aftermy two year hold out as I refused to put money into Vince Carter's pockets. Hmmmmm.

In other news, I caught Free (formerly of 106 and Park)'s rhyme on the Wait remix with the Ying Yang Twins. Yes I know I should never listen to anything so crappy but it was on a mix I was listening too. Let me just say I think homegirl's been practicing with Lil Kim and Foxxy on the raw to the bone lyrics. Rass my girl came x rated and raw from line one. I had to do a rewind. So she left BET to do this type of crap with those losers. As KRS-one said 'Your career will be as short as my part in who's the man'.

Oh and for the record the Fugees new single sucks big time but then I predicted that last November when I wrote this. They just sound so jaded and believe me I know jdid lol. The song has no life no energy. I mean its sad when Pras is the most energetic dude in the bunch isnt it. Lauren's voice sounds like she's struggling (And I'm not just hating on her this time because I love to hate on her) and there is no chemistry. Stay retired. If you know them tell them read that blog I just pointed to as to why not to come back. You're killing your legacy.

And has anyone heard the first duet from the Biggie Duets albums. Its Biggie and Bob Marley. Chupse! Here I was thinking it was new biggie rhymes cause you know they come out with a new Tupac album every 6 months of unreleased undiscovered stuff. Nope they dust off Biggie's rhyme from Suicidal Thoughts and kinda slow it down and chop it up a bit to fit the beat.

Which brings me to a point (which is a good thing because I was clearly rambling my head off here). Is it a good thing to dig in the crates and release a dudes unreleased sessions when he's dead. I mean ok if he died while recording it and was planning on releasing it then fine I got no problem with it. But clearly some of the stuff was just stuff that a guy did in jest or stuff that he was just practicing at thats unpolished as ever and he wouldnt think is fit for the public. I mean if I died I wouldnt want anyone publishing my unfinished blogs ...especially if I thought they were mediocre and not fit for print. Anyway I think I made this point before on another blog its all coming back to me now. Senility is a thing aint it!

p.s oh i knew there was something else i wanted to talk about. Whats up with Nick Cage naming his son Kal-el after superman? next thing you know celebrities will be naming kids He-man, She-Ra and smurfette. Actually I'm suprised smurfette hasnt made the ghetto baby name role yet come to think of it. These are my two kids Shanenee and smurfette. Ya neva know lol


Brotha Buck said...

Lol, man you never took a break. I think your breaks are as succinct as mine! Oh, no more storms already!

Scratchie said...

bwoy the storms giving everybody a run for them money this year.

Ddot the King said...

You write more on your "hiatus" than i do at full blast!

Campfyah said...

Welcome back..I just passing thru taking a box break. Be back real soon.

dorna! said...

Hiatus, my foot. :D

Oh and Nick Cage's done lost what was left of his damned mind. I knew something had gone seriously amiss with his reason when he married Lisa Marie.

Miz JJ said...

Save your money. The Raptors will be lucky if they win 20 games this year. Even in the East.

Luke Cage said...

Whoa, Jdid is baaack! Holla at'cha boy. Hey man, when I found out that the Biggie's Duet album weren't "new" rhymes by the B.I.G., I put the kibosh on purchasing that album. Diddy's labels on life support man. Whens the last time that label had a hit?

This is all to milk some money off of the dead legend and resuscitate Dead Boy, I mean Bad Boy.. As for Nicholas Cage, I'm still after dude for jacking my last name okay? Now, he goes after the name of the most popular superhero in the universe. When indeed, will the madness stop??

Welcome back dude...

summer m. said...

wait...where did you hear the fugees' single?

Shotta M said...

Sorta back...ok well sorta welcome back.

Dr. D. said...

Welcome back...not dat you seemed to be away for too long....

Amadeo said...

I think the family of deceased artist should be able to release things they had on deck...but I hate that going back putting verses to tracks and having other cats lay something on it. Kal-El ha! Thats at least worth ass whuppings through grade school.

princessdominique said...

That's wack! I thought they were going to release NEW Biggie rhymes. Diddy was pumping it on the hip hop awards show and that's what we get? Rip Off!

~b*b~ said...

oh, the guilt! allright, i know 3 posts for september was pitiful but i will try to rep t-dot stronger for october. glad your back!

p.s. in my opinion the bob marley and biggie collabo is garbage - i hated when lauryn did her duet with him, too. i have a personal policy of not buying posthumous releases...i think it's a blatant money grab.

Inside Man said...

Your hiatus is like Mike Jordan, you can't stay away from the

Don't sleep on Mike James he plays sound defense and has good range from behind the arch.

LivingSingle said...

I'm glad to see you're back from your 'hiatus'!

nahmix said...

i keep hearing the fugees single sucks... i gotta check it out for myself.

glad you're back!

Stunner said...

Another storm! Welcome back to blogland.

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-I don't feel it was right to have Biggie and Bob Marley duet. Shame on Marley's family. BOB doan need nothing to sell his music. I love Nick Cage as an actor, but him eccentric no hell.

Urban Sista said...

Man, I'm still living! I'm just on a little blogging vacation because work is pretty hectic. But I still jump on ever now and then and write a likkle something.

Sniff, glad to know you care ;)

KHALLI 88 said...

Welcome back and Free has been spitting the raw for more than a few, check theb Canibus track Patriots 1998 here is her verse;

Free be the one rockin shit, special operatives
Specializin in weapon diagnostics
My survival tactics be drastic, like Rambo
I'm stranglin niggaz with my bow and arrow elastic
Whoever said you couldn't be five feet and thoroughbred
never witnessed the cerebal cortex in my head
How many gigabytes does your hard drive hold?
or does your hard drive fold once the signal hits the node?
Beyond mission control the theory behind your thought
Marie Antoinette, behead me, I still rock
While you choke and suffocatin off your own testosterone
I'm known for breakin levels down to the values unknown
A specimen with extraterrestrial estrogen
Kick your intestines in, sell your testicles to Mexicans
I bring the force like a nutcracker
Annihilate rhyme hackers, Navy Seal linebacker
The last Oedipus remains, unclaimed
So if you buck against Free you better tattoo your name
on your teeth -- I disintegrate those that oppose
Disintegrate hoes with they assholes in they nose
I suppose you wanna run your mouth like a castagnette
I put bitch niggaz to rest in the bitch bassinet

Lene said...

fugees need to stay retired. i dont want to ruin the memories.

i need to post something too, or people will think i died or something. hahahaa

Jdid said...

khalli i'm well aware of that rhyme on Patriots but when i say raw i mean as in sexually charged x rated rhyme which is what she does on the ying yang track.

obifromsouthlondon said...

Jdida you to funny man lol!! Ka-el sucks. I'll name my next kid Suge Knight. scare them haters away heh.

Yeah man seem like everyone gone to blog sleep. pressures of everyday living man. pressures.

Yeah heard the biggie/bob mash up. hmmm all I can say is let the dead and suicidal sleep. Heard some fugees tune and it didn't sound bad still. the jury's out. We'll see what the verdict is soon.

Yeah peace and blessing to the T dot massive.


Quel said...

I'm keeping hope alive for the Fugees. I have to believe that they're gonna come back strong. Wyclef and Lauryn blessed us with amazing solo records while they're group was on a ...REAL hiatus ;) I'm hoping now that the group is back together that the magic will happen again.

KHALLI 88 said...

Mike James will actually be a better fit for the Raptors than Skip to My Lou but the bonehead drafting of another PF and having Bosh play center (to frail) will doom them for years to come.

Now when are you going to answer the hip-hop quotable blog? I for the life of me don't know that Peace

BajanQueen said...

Welcome back babe! I like everyone have nothing of interest to write these I don't. I look to you to keep me entertained.

Keep up the good work! LOL

Smooches :)

Anonymous said...

i thought i was a peep too... ;-(

"and believe me I know jdid lol..." cute.

Inside Man said...

Jdid I couldn't let this slide man...