Friday, October 28, 2005

Music Fridays

What's with all the recent blogs Jdid? You almost posted every day this week, what's up with that? Not sure. I'm mad tired but I find once I reach a certain stage of tired the adrenalin gets going and the energy kicks in ....for me anyways. So I've been feeling to write about some music stuff for a while so I'm starting a semi regular (meaning I'll do it today and then we'll see if I have anything to write about next Friday and the Friday after that) music column. Yeahhh!

Speaking of Adrenalin, the Roots signed to Def Jam. Maybe now we'll get a decent Roots album. Cant say I've been really feeling the last two releases.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comTdot look out! Kardinal Offishal will be back with his new album dropping on November 15th. After his label folded and all that Kardi hasn't been m.i.a, instead grinding it out with his Kill Bill mixtape and doing crazy cameos on wax and in video. First single is Everyday Rudebwoy which is a remake of Arrested Development's song from the early 90s which in itself was a rip of of my man Sly and the Family Stones. Looks like the beef between Kardi and K-OS is finished too cause K-OS does a little cameo in the video.

On a side note what's up with all the unofficial artist mixtapes? I wouldn't have beef with that except for two things. One they are usually hard to find and two the artists usually sound so much better on the mixtapes than when the official album comes out. What's the deal?

Back to Kardi. Hopefully this new album will be as good as the last one. Word is he's leaving off an amazing track he did with Timberland. Why? He says he didn't want to put it on there. What's that all about? Got to show love to Kardi though cause he represents the T dot lovely with his mix of slang. Been waiting for an album to drop since Firestarter Volume 1 which gave us such lovelies as Old Time Killin and Bakardi Slang. p.s what happened to Big Sauk and Choclair?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFoxy Brown is deaf! Nope I don't mean her music is def or she's still signed to def jam I mean she is deaf! Homegirl is losing her hearing. The 26-year-old (she's only 26 damn she's been around for ever I thought she was at least 28 or 30) has been diagnosed with a rare condition, severe sudden sensorineural hearing loss and is undergoing surgery and medical treatment in a race to save her hearing. Doggone it first Kim gets sent to the big house now Foxy is losing her hearing. And yo yea I know Foxy's contribution to rap hasn't been ground breaking but still I think sista has/had skills its just she needed to get past that whole rap about material objects thing. Remember her first appearance on I shot ya with LL? That was wicked! Hopefully they can save her hearing.

And oh yea, the Lil Kim album is by no means a classic but its got a couple of nice tracks.

Jay Z and Nas have squashed their beef and will be performing together soon. What's the matter with Jay Z, dude is head of Def Jam and he's got 'the flyest girl in the game wearing his chain' . He's living every hustlas dream but he just cant put down that microphone. Oh well, ya know what? Its pretty sad to say but I miss Jay Z. I never realized how good he was until he left or maybe that's how good he was compared to the other guys out there. Now I find myself really digging his new verses on Kanye's Diamonds and that Young Jeezy cut. So will Jay stay retired or will he come back a la Jordan. Of course remember what happened to Jordan.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThought I had more to say than this. Oh yea. Cant believe that as a bajan I haven't shouted out Rihanna yet. Girl is doing her thing! The first two singles are hot. The album is ok, 3 - 3.5 outta 5 mics I guess, not sure why they made her do a Dawn Penn remake but still its solid. What I'll say is that listening to the album its obvious that she's more than just a dancer and a pretty face. You know you hear a single and think hmmm that's not bad then you have to listen to more of the artists output and you realize without the help of video homegirl is screeching? Trust me that happens a lot but with Rihanna I can safely say she's got some vocal range and actual singing talent .... which is usually rare in these days for rnb singers. So big up miss Rihanna do your thing, just don't go around humping no cars like some other artists and we'll be fine.

Ok folk, have a good Friday and a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jay Z is good--maybe not great though. It's easy to shine when there's no real competition--would he have stood out B4 rap turned the bend into the mundane mid-90's and its equally mundane millenium? Maybe not. Nas could've held his own though, just like LL did and still does. You & Mrs. Jdid have a stress-free weekend OK.

Luke Cage said...

What up man? Been low in the cut lately so it's good to spread my wings in familiar locales. You're doing the opposite of what I'm doing. Blogging against my not blogging. -lol

I agree with you. The last Roots album was not their best effort at all. Maybe DefJam will infuse some new creativity from the collective. They are much better than that now.

Blaize sent me that article about Foxy Brown a week or so ago. That bugged me out man. Sudden deafness. That's like some story I saw on Oprah last week where some guy developed instant amnesia. What in the world is happening with folks. That's scary man.

Jay-Z and Nas together. See that? Brothers can work it out when they try hard enough. That beef they had was legendary until it got real personal talking about kids and your girl and this and that. I'm just happy it didn't digress into gun play. If you're going to battle on wax, keep it there! Peace Jdid!

Miz JJ said...

Rhianna's cute, but I hate when artists to do re-makes.

Shotta M said...

Darn foxy is 26...I can't believe that.

Cymple said...

Too bad about Foxy, I didn't know that. I kinda liked her. Rihanna is cool too.

Mr. R. said...

Dont like how you just leave out the Bajan background ..

Abeni said...

Only Rihanna song I've heard is pon the replay.Kudos to her for making a name

BajanQueen said...

Have a great weekend to you to. I love all kinds of music. Rhianna is doing her thing you know I done big she up already, as for the rest they holding it down.


Inside Man said...

Kardinal is dope. I've always liked his flow and I hope his new album matches his talent.

Jay-Z needs to drop Joe Budden, dude is sharp with it on the mic. He's underrated and needs Def Jam to really get behind his product. I love Jay-Z but he needs to focus building his company.

Rose said...

I hope they can save her hearing...wonder if all that loud music played a part in this problem?

obifromsouthlondon said...

the bacardi slanga is hot man! I've been listening Pete Rock's SSII and Kardi's tune "we good" gets constant rewind. son tears that joint apart.

damn foxy going deaf? I'm going deaf.

till the next "Music Friday". out

Dr. D. said...

I guess I will jus say have a good weekend.

solitaire said...

Yuh juss talkin' bout Rihanna now??

Anyhoo, what's this about Kardi and K-os beef? That's utter and total bull. Canadian rappers have beef (laughs). THERE'S NO TIME FOR THAT! These naggas are something else.

Brotha Buck said...

Dang, that's messed up about Foxy, with her foxy self.

EJ Flavors said...

yo! i had heard that Foxy was losing her hearing! thanks for the confirmation. i'm not liking that at all.

Little Kim? same way man, couple of nice tracks, that's it. thought it was just me.

Quel said...

Glad to hear Jay Z and Nas will be performing together soon. That should be good. I'm loving the squashing of the beefs...The Fugees are back in love, Nas and Jay Z are feeling the love. It's all love in hip hop these days. Now we just need Fifty and Game to make nice and it'll be all good. Actually Fifty needs to make nice with a handful of people, and from interviews I've read and seen of his, he's not very forgiving. So there may be no making-nice in his future.

Regarding Rhiana, I heard her single Pon the Replay way before I ever saw her perform it. She sounds awesome, but her dance skills...especially to be from the West Indies...were a bit of a let down. I agree with your comment about the car humping. Although the "car humper" is one of my favorites, I think we could have done without that. Now, HER dance skills, winding included, are tight.