Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lotto Fever

Its like Lotto you gotta be in it to win it
EPMD (name that tune)

Well Lotto Fever has gripped Ontario. 40 Million up for grabs tonight. Wunnah best be nice to me cause all like now y'all could be talking to a millionaire. lol

Anyway the lottery lines were crazy as far as I saw today. But it got me thinking about some stuff including what would I do with that money if I ever won something that big. Well besides uttering Dave Chappell's favorite comment, I think I could find a lot of uses for that sort of cash. Think Chinchilla son, chinchilla from my bividees to my head to my feet. Wait y'all know what bividees is? Underwear man, underwear,lol. I guess the thing if you won would be to move slowly and not get caught up in the money. Oh yea they say that money doesn't change you, yea right. Think swimming pool filled with Champagne. Ya dun know if any of us won changes would be afoot. Think Hummer with a Nintendo remote control instead of a steering wheel. For me I'd want 'a frog, a dog with a solid gold bone'. Big up anyone who got that reference.

I'm just kidding to show you some of the stuff people waste their money on. I think the key would be to just move slow and talk to some money people instead of rushing off and squandering a god sent gift. Still I think I would get them chinchilla bividees fa true, cause winter going be cold lol.

Last year or earlier this year there was a bit of a lotto controversy here. Well two actually. There was one where a ticket agent tried to steal an old man's jackpot winning ticket and then there was this situation where this dude won the lotto the previous year, then separated and divorced his wife and then went and picked up the lotto money and disappeared. Pretty slick! Homeboy even had her over for a booty call a few days before he claimed the prize.

I probably wouldn't do anything like that but I know that if I won it would be rather nice and I'd probably share my winnings with my people and try not to waste it on anything frivolous. Of course who knows maybe I'd deck my house out in all gold or something ridiculous. Naa

Anyway let me tell y'all a joke. Saturday afternoon, middle of this summer and I found a lotto ticket that I hadn't checked from last year. Made the check and I had 5 of 6 numbers. What! I was like whoa Jdid you came up on loot. I was jumping bout the house cause the wife wasn't home. Boy I was ready to pack up and call she from the airport cause even 5 of 6 numbers might be worth a couple thousand right. She would come home like 'boy Jdid whapart you is?' and I would be like 'gal, me win big money, Barbados calling me, flight 634 leaving in 5 minutes doan call me I will call you matter a fact don't call me cause I aint callin you.' I did feeling sweet boy, sweet I tell ya, plans afoot in me head. Ready to call the Airport taxi. Then something say check that ticket again. Turns out I was checking the lottario numbers instead of the lotto numbers for that day. Chupse! Man ya eva see grown man cry like a cricket ball hit 'im in his particulars? Lawd ave mercy!

Anyway again not much to say today but wanted to tell you guys to check out Brotha Buck if you don't already. Recently he's been doing some great illustrations which relate to family life and I think if you're married or ever been in a relationship you will get a good kick out of them.


Brotha Buck said...

Thanks Jdid! Now, I wonder if you'd keep bloggin if you struck it rich.Of course, I'd keep blogging, I'd just have more to talk about.

~b*b~ said...

"got an accountant to account the amount i spent / got a treaty with tahiti 'cause i own a percent"
you know he is trini, right?

we won $10 tonite so i guess i'm stuck here for the winter

Jdid said...

@buck - I think i'd keep blogging too, not sure how many people would want to listen to the rich guy blog though lol. Alas its not to be though as the winner of the eventual 54 million jackpot was in wester canada. probably a damn albertan! :-)

@bb - yes girl, respect ya got the tune. didnt know he was trini.

Radmila said...

I read that you have a better chance of dying of a bee sting than winning this lottery.
The odds are just ridiculous.
Besides, I don't have that kind of luck. You know what kind of luck I have?
Revenue Canadas Audit Lottery.
Did you know what revenue canada randomly selects every 10,000th person for an audit? Yeah. Neither did I until I won THAT lottery.
How about this one...graduation day...2800 of 10 missing diplomas...uh, yeah. One of them would be mine.
Those are the kinds of lotteries I win.
I guess leaving the house and not getting killed by flying debris would mean that at least I've won THAT lottery so far.

Stunner said...

znIt has certainly caught on here in Ja too. It's one of the biggest business in Ja. Everybody seems to be buying Lotto, Pick Three, Lucky Five, Pay Day just to name a few.

Talking about waste of money. Some of my co-workers spend an average of $1000 each on Lotto tickets every week when the have their Lotto pool.

But I could do well with that $40Mill

Dr. D. said...

Well, good luck with the winnings.

I will let you know by weekend if all I asking for is a new compi! A smalls outta de winnings dat! ;-)

Miz JJ said...

I can't lie. I bought a ticket. $40 million is a lot of money. I hope a bunch of people win. $40 million is a lot for one person.

Groove said...

Jdid--Yep the money is in alberta, One winner from what I understand.

Now if had come to the East Coast, You'd have been in like Flynn. I would have given the new babe a good gift.

BajanQueen said...


If ya win I hope ya don't forget ya blogger buds!! I want to build a house in Bim real bad!


p.s. next time I will send ya some Coucou and flying fish!

Anonymous said...

". . . like a cricket ball hit 'im in his particulars . . ." LOL!!

obifromsouthlondon said...

Yo! Special Ed if you win you gotta holla at your boy lol!

My ol' man spends a good tenner on that ish every week. tried to speech him but he wasn't having it. I reckon he'd have save up a cool grand if he potted that note every week.

Yeah I take the burberry mansion and the yatch. and all the women in it.

Miss A said...

that's a lot of money
dude down here bought ONE quick pick ticket last week, and he won 394 million~!

I bought 20 tickets... 10 were my numbers, 10 were quickpicks and I won $35.

Good luck!

Rose said...

If only I could have won...the things I would do and the places I would go...

Lene said...

i'd have better luck winning the reader's digest sweepstakes. hahaha

smallislandgirl said...

Lotto fever everywhere even in trini it climb now to 8.9 million tt and yes this time i bought a ticket.