Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fugees are bizack!

Well I watched a bit of the first repeat of the BET awards last night. Figured they will repeat it so many times I'll eventually see it all.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comActually what drew me to the broadcast was the Fugees. For my money the performance was rather lackluster. I really wasn't that surprised because my man had warned me the night before that the best part of the performance was Pras. Ouch! And Lauryn's voice was kind of off too yikes!

And if you were following me back in November last year you would have seen in these said same pages my reasons why the Fugees should just let it die and not try to go the reunion route. 'Put down the microphone ha'.

Actually during this performance what really grabbed me was Lauryn. You know I got to take time out to make fun of the patron saint of the poetry reciting, incense burning, natural hair, headwrap and slipper wearing so called righteous sistas who hang out at spoken words events. Well I'll be damned if the patron saint wasn't rocking a old school wig for her performance. What we don't see her for like 4 years and she comes back looking like a lost member of the supremes or was that one of the wigs she stashed from the Doo Wop video? Whatever it was I just found it delightful for some strange reason. Yea I hate on Miss Hill so what?

As for the rest of the show what can I say:

Ciara was humping a car again. Cant take credit for that line I got it from the Brutha Code a while back and everytime I see her dance on that car that line pops into my head.

Destiny's Child gave lap dances to some men on stage. I think Terrence Howard was getting a tad bit aroused by all that Beyonce badunkadunk rubbing up on him. Oh my! Kelly gave a lap dance to Nelly and Michelle gave a lap dance to Magic Johnson. Actually speaking of Magic Johnson I've always wanted to say this after seeing him on TV. The dude is built like a wall. I mean how many bolts of cloth do they use to create one of his suits? If Nike was making him a suit they'd probably use their whole pool of child labor to get that suit made on time.

Remy Ma did a presentation with Fat Joe. I think she has decided to fill that apparently ever so desirable niche of most scantily clad female rapper left vacant by the disappearance of Lil Kim and Foxxy Brown. Its a pity too cause homegirl can actually rap.

John Legend what can I say, let me just put it out there as sensitively as I can. There is something questionable about the way homeboy looks. I'm not saying he is or he isn't I'm just saying there's something about homeboy. Read whatever you want into that.

Tom Cruise was there with his annoying smile.

The front rows of the audience were full of unknowns and wannabes. Couldn't they get A list celebs to come to the show or did they have ticket giveaways for the loudest members on 106 and park? I mean its pretty sad when Trina is like in Row 25 and a bunch of people who evoke a 'who the hell is that?' response are crowding the front. At least last year the Wayan Brothers were all up in the front getting their vibe on but this year its like they got some chicks from Spring Bling and made them celebs for a day.

Mary J needs a proper hairstyle but her duet with Game was tight.

Missy needs to stop chewing gum in public all the damn time. It just looks lawless.

Jada ended up looking 'iight during the show but when she came out with Will at the beginning what the hell was she wearing. Looked like she was trying to become a female member of the old school 1980s version of the Furious Five. Homegirl had me like the Liks all I could say was Damnn! and not in a good way.

Anyway I've bashed enough, this is what happens when you cant think of anything good to write.


nahmix said...

That was actually one of the better BET awards I've ever seen!

Leave my girl Mary's hair alone. Every woman, at some point in her life has wanted a Mary hairdo! Her and the Game were hot.

I missed the Fugees performance again!

terrance Howard looked WAY aroused!

Yamfoot said...

when is the next repeat?

Abeni said...

LOL,you the first person I see refer to Cruise smile as annoying

Don Tate II said...

I didn't see it, but you posted a hilarious review.

Anonymous said...

Jus a pass chru to hail de man. I finally did a likkle post, so you can gimme a check when you get the time. Dr. D.

Big N said...

Good stuff. I didn't see it tho. Ah well. It woulda been funny if Roy Williams clobbered Nelly for getting a lapdance off his girl (Are they even together?)

Nikki said...

That entire show was a snoozer to me. And Lauryn had better practice her ass off if she ever plans to perform live again because she ran out of steam before she even got started good.

Luke Cage said...

I agree with Nikki, although I think that her lackluster performance may be due to long bouts of inactivity. Towards the end of her performance it seemed like her voice was beginning to come around. Mary's my girl, so I'm going to be biased to her singing and look (smile)

The show itself was okay. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. I didn't feel as though I'd wasted my time watching it. But, if the powers that be can learn anything from this show is, in the future, make sure your winners are in attendance. After awhile, it became a joke that none of the winners were even there! Now THAT was hilarious!

titilayo said...

the patron saint of the poetry reciting, incense burning, natural hair, headwrap and slipper wearing so called righteous sistas who hang out at spoken words events

Nah boy, that's not Lauryn Hill, that's Erykah Badu. I hate on Erykah freely, but I can't bring myself to hate on Lauryn because I really thing that she has some kind of serious mental/emotional problem. I feel bad for her.

I didn't see these awards, but I'm sure that nothing can top the first BET awards (I think it was the first), where Jodeci presented an award and one of the light skinned ones (Devante? Dalvin?) turned up looking skinny as a rail, wearing some kind of velvet suit with enormous platform sneakers, carrying a furry handbag, very obviously high as hell (and not on weed either, on something much stronger), acting a fool and clearly pissing off everybody else in the group. I was like, OH HELL NO!!! and then I laughed and laughed and laughed and rewound the tape so I could laugh some more. One of the greatest TV moments I've ever seen.

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-I watched some of the BET awards. The highlights for me were performances by the great great legend Gladys Knight. She's still got it. When you hear her performance and the rest she is in a class by herself. Another performance that was total talent was John Legend and Stevie-perfection and off course my all time favorite Missy Elliot-she is just genius. Lauryn-I agree with you. Depressing.

dorna! said...

Saw Hill on Def Poetry Jam a couple of weeks back. She seemed out of sorts, stiff, and was bewigged there as well. I guess she just needs a bit of time to get back into the swing of things.

obifromsouthlondon said...

lol jdid i love the "righteous sistas" description. they really bug me everytime I go to one of dem recitals. like multi-colored socks. I call em coffee shop chicks. neo-hippies.

Tom Cruise got a water gun full at his recent film premiere. The guy who did it said it was to wipe off that "Annoying" smile. nice.

I always wondered about John Legend. Love his music but there is really something about dude (almost said mary). The hunt is on.

Hope you had a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

JDid, I have to say. I don't think that Lauryn is the patron saint of headwrap hoes. That's Erykah Badu. Lauryn was never on that spoken word, incense bullshit. Well, at least not until that God-forsaken Unplugged album.

Oh, and I love that you described Missy's gum-chewing as "lawless." I'm ripping that word, just so you know. I'll shout you out when I use it, though.

And Terrance Howard was more than aroused. He was five seconds from making a sticky mess on the back of Beyonce's couture gown.

Amadeo said...

Pras should be abducted and never return. My favorite thing about him was when he was the last on a song so I could just skip to the next one.

Jdid said...

@nahmix - no way was this one better than last year with the old school tribute or the one with jazzy jeff and those guys doing the tribute to JMJ
@yammie - sometime soon, it was on monday night again
@abeni - that was the best word i could think to describe it. its sort of evil
@don - thanks
@dr d - will check that soon
@big n - yea that would have been funny. thing was nelly was really chill like been there done that dont you think?
@nikki - agreed
@luke cage - i love mary too but the hair was crazy
@titilayo - ok maybe its erykah but all the coffe shop chicks i know up in t dot can recite anything lauryn has ever said verbatim without even thinking
@sunshine - the john legend/stevie wonder thing was nice
@dorna - if she ever gets back into the swing of things
@obi - ha ha ha, i can relate to the guy who sprayed him with the water gun
@saf - feel free to use lawless as much as you want. i'm trying to rip that niggativity word from you anyways lol
@amadeo - yea pras is the ultimate scrub

strange thought i saw a comment from miss marlo or was i imagining things.

summer m. said...

i hate to admit this, but i liked the bet awards. for the most part.

that hurt.

Zantiferous3 said...

LOL... I think the same way.. that as many times as they will show it this year, I'll eventually get to see it all. LOL But I saw parts of it. That's enough for now.

Ummm... Mary is a hot mess. This whole "TomKat" *retch* nonsense is ridiculous and annoying and since when is Tom Cruise invited to all OUR shit? LOL

LOL@ the Ciara reference... my husband asked me what the video was like, and my response was, "Ciara trying to get the hood of a car pregnant." LOL

Slow Metamorphosis said...

Terrance looked like he was about to EXPLODE!!!! That is my entire comment on the whole show....except that no one seemed to be there. Everyone was accepting the award for someone who couldnt make it. hmmm

Black Minded Female said...

You guys are funny.

Living in the UK we dont get much coverage of shows like that. But i can only imagine!!

That jodeci comment about the first BET awards had me in stiches - but sounded more like it was K-Ci actin up.
But i am a Lauryn hater too, those women seem mad confused...rasta imposters (sorry - i need to stop hating - where did her dreads go tho? or was it fake like erykahs - sorry hating again).

Anyway - i wouldnt mind giving that kinda performance to Terrence Howard and getting the same responce (if thats how deep it was)myself (cus i have loved that boy since Sunset Park)

But your informative review was mos def' appreciated, thanks.