Saturday, July 30, 2005

Not much

Ok the Pan Alive photos didnt turn out the greatest I still struggling to learn this digital camera thing. Better photos tomorrow. These were taken about 1/2 hr before the competition started so the crowd a bit sparce. We lost, we came second by 2 measly points. I vex bad.

Anyway got to run, dem judging bomb tune at 11. Chupse and here I thought I coulda get drunk and disorderly this marning.

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dorna! said...

Awww, commiserations... :)

Shotta M said...

Second place ain't so bad. Unless you believe second place is only the first loser.

Campfyah said...

A lotta people doan know or appreciate de beauty ah pan music.

Wha yuh complaining bout second place fuh ---