Saturday, July 09, 2005

It figures

Well this week has been one of the most tiring of my life. Now I'm having blog restart issues. Like pretty much I was rolling along on momentum just writing my random thoughts until this week when I basically shut this down. Damn now its hard to actually sit here and put words to page. This sucks!

Oh well got to try. Anyway it appears to be JDid allergy season just one of the negative issues I had to deal with this week. I'm not really a seasonal allergy person, used to have my reaction to ragweed in September every year when I first came here but aside from that its been good especially in the last few years. Of course stupid me had to move to the damn suburbs where the pollen and that sort of stuff is denser in the air.

Since two weekends ago my eyes have been going crazy. Thought that maybe I had rubbed my eyes without washing my hands after handling something dirty and had infected them or something because they were itching and watering like crazy. And it doesn't help that I lost my clip-on shades cause now with itchy eyes the sun's bugging me too. Chupse! Eyes been going so crazy in fact that I had to hit the doctor's this week cause the Benadryl and Claratin and all that over the counter product wasn't working.

Anyway it was a bit better after his prescription eye drops ...... until this morning. Then I was in the yard doing some stuff and I realized what I'm allergic to. Clue Number 1 that you are a city boy: You are allergic to grass of all things. Or is it just grass seeds? Was doing what I've been doing for a few weeks now, trying to reseed part of the back yard. As soon as I finished putting down the seed, the allergies came back with a vengeance. The eyes aren't so bad because of the drops but the rest of me is going crazy. Nose running like it training for the Boston Marathon, throat kind of weird. I've gone through like a couple boxes of tissue for my nose in like the last few hours. Oh well took a Benadryl so now I feel spacy. I hate drugs but I had no choice!

Ok so there we have it a new blog. Still have the restart issues but it wasn't as hard as I thought after I had first looked at this blank page. Oh and sorry to you folks whose page I haven't been able to get to this week, will try and catch up next week.



Abeni said...

Grass?You sure you not holding out on us..confess:).Anyway,get better soon

obifromsouthlondon said...

join the shitty week club. I lost my clip on while on holiday of all places.

What can I say stay away from grass. and say no to drugs. get better still.

Anonymous said...

Love the little pic that orbifromsouthlondon man ideas! ;-) Hope he didn't get screwed by the terrorism there!

Cho JDid, if the Claritine or Benadryl don't help, try Allegra or Aerius. Hope you OK soon. Dr. D.

Luke Cage said...

I hear you buddy. Just by going around the web, it was a slow blogging week for many of us. And the bugged out thing is, it was one of those weeks where there was lots of things going on around the world. Terrorism, and bad weather, the whole nine! Very surreal...