Sunday, July 31, 2005

Caribana Photos

Ok I got about three possibly four days worth of Caribana entertainment to blog on but I will concentrate on the photos today. I must say being in the staging area provides the best opportunities to see the pure beauty of this event cause when the big costumes get on the road everything mash up one time. Also where else can a brother go and be surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of women in skimpy costumes like the Caribana wear? Make a brother say Damm?

But me, the wife and bajansistren had this saying as we watched the proceedings. Just because they make it in your size ladies don't mean that you should wear it.

Oh and back to the skimpy caribana costumes. lawd a mercy! sweetness! Oh gosh boy! We decide we forming a band next year cause considering the cost of a costume and the size of a costume we figure this business has to have one of the best profit vs material ratios ever. Yo Fabric Land have a sale this weekend and dem duz sell cheap bras on Spadina. Then all we need is sparkles, glitter and some flimsy paper for headwear and we set! Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money!

Still something happen to me yesterday dat ah vex but I will speak on that tomorrow. For now let me show you some of Caribana 2005. Dr D , Mad Bull I have a few photos just for you guys. lol

Oh and for the sistren especially check out Soli's blog for some other photos, look like she saw some guys she thought were nice. For me I would have had to chase all them men outta my photos I aint want them blocking my view.

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Ok this was my favorite big costume. I took this one before it was all set up.

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This is it on the road in all its glory/ Looks mighty heavy.

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Get behind the truck! Vincy girls gone wild! Kami which one is you?

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Same truck more vincy girls. The movementations were mesmerizing. Let me say this now. Bajans duz wuk up bad, Trinis can wine like there is no tomorrow but dem Vincy girls yesterday could pelt waist like crazy. If y'all had seen the things I've seen, lawd ave mercy! I almost forgot I was there to play pan and followed this truck down the road. lol.

(Oh before I go on let me explain to the uninitiated. Pelting waist, wining, wukking up, movemetations all are rhymthic gyrations of the waist popular in west indian dance. Its all basically the same thing just different words.)

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Another beauty of a costume. The thing I love the most about these costumes is just the vibrancy of the colors. Its so beautiful, so Caribbean in its life. Ya don't see colors like that in North America.

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Pose off! Gal in a ya .....
Anyways she wasn't posing for me but I still tek a picture.

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Pump me up with the music, Pump me up. Go go Purple Power.

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CTV float passing by. But wait is that one of T dots finest up on the float? Oh biggest joke was as we left the parade and were going back up the road we saw a policeman getting on bad, dancing crazy. The man was pelting waist like mad.

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Early in the morning, one of the youts getting ready to go on the road. I wonder how far he made it with that heavy costume.

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This group all in white had choreographed moves.

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I lend my camera to a bredren and when it came back it had this photo. Honest to God, I din tek this one (I was too busy following the Vincy girls). This one for the Dr and Mad Bull though. Let it not be said I didn't come through for my bredren.

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On the Lakeshore. Its crowded.

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This was the scene behind my rack during a lull in playing. As we got further down the road it was like 10 people deep behind us.

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Another vibrant costume.

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(singing in best Eminem voice) My band, my band, my band, my band, my band!

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Forget the small change give me big money wine! More vibrant colors and vibrant ladies.

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Feel the music. Get mad, everybody head gone, right now we get mad, mad, mad
Craziness !

I gone, I got to catch up to the Vincy truck. Oh my!


Nikki said...

Nice, vibrant pics.

Abeni said...

Am one the slim one wid the wikked waist movements:) Yeah,that's how Vincy girls represent!

Cymple said...

Beauuuuutiful pics! Looks like you had an amazing time. =)

Don Tate II said...

The photo of the girls on the truck: OH MY GAWD! I think I gotta new screensaver.

Mad Bull said...

Which girl dat, Don Tate, number 25? Whoo eeee! Or is it the girls that Jdid gave to the Doctor and I?

Mad Bull said...

Don Tate, I hope its not number 25, who I personally have claimed for myself, nor the girls that Jdid gave to the Doctor and I, becuz the Doctor scalpel well sharp and we are jealous men ;-)

Nice, nice pictures, Jdid. Re your comment at my site, if you're interested in pictures of the Ivan damage here in Grand Cayman, feel free to check out The Caymanian Compass Photo Gallery and some photos taken by a well known photographer locally, Courtney Platt.
Hope your people's place is repaired soon.

4panist said...

nice pics jdid. I can't believe it was just yesterday. there are many ways to count a year. calendar year, school year, and my new way of counting, caribana year. Hard to believe apart from the island its another caribana year gone. But it was a good one!

dorna! said...

I'm thinking Abeni train them special for you all. :) Great shots.

Japronika said...

I'm so proud 2 c some of my thick sista's out there doing the damn thang! :)

BajanSistren said...

You got some nice shots dey my brother, almost mek me shame to show mine but ah done send dum to yuh ahready so....

But wunnah, de fella nearly abandon he crew fuh real yuh know. I count at least three times I had to drag he back from behind dat Vincy girl truck. I feel if I din dey all now he would be still down pun de Lakeshore looking fuh de truck den.

Oh and one new rule I feel gotta get implement fuh next year. Some costumes should only go up to a certain size. If yuh doan meet size requirements choose a different outfit. A girl eyes could only tek so much punishment.

Gunner Kaufman said...


~b*b~ said...

nice pics but why i ain't see any callaloo costumes in there, just carnival your band we came 2nd to them :(

Slow Metamorphosis said...

The pics are great! I really wanted to go but alas couldnt mek it up there. Where are the pics of you??

4panist said...

slow metamorphasis...I like your question. where are the pictures of Jdid? Is he afraid of what we would say? its easier to take the picture than to be in the picture. next year, next year, next year!

obifromsouthlondon said...

yes blood! dem pics are nice. Caribana 05 yeah? I'm thinking it's time for me to take a holiday to somewhere hot on an exotic day or three.