Saturday, July 16, 2005


So Marlo tagged me and I'm actually responding.

10 years ago: I had just finished undergrad. Thought life was about to begin as I was returning home to hopefully start a new career. That was until I found out I had been accepted into Grad School, then life suddenly fell apart.

5 years ago: Was just settling down to married life after having lived in 4 different countries in less than a year. Was also starting a new job and beginning to apartment hunt. what fun!

1 year ago: Last summer is a blur to me. Besides hanging out at the panyard until the late hours of the morning during July and also being a bit discouraged with how house hunting was going I have no idea what else happened.

Yesterday: I worked, and my office was freezing.

Today: freezing office plus outside being 34 degrees celcius leads me to be sniffling again this morning. Not a happy camper.

Tomorrow: Go check out the Block-O at the panyard maybe even get a chance to play the one song I know.

5 snacks I enjoy: anything Chocolate, tambrind balls, most anything baked, cherries, ackees(guineeps)

5 bands/singers that I know the lyrics of MOST of their songs: KRS-One, Gabby, Grynner, Buju Banton, Public Enemy

Things I would do with $100,000,000:
sigh! pay of the debt, send money for the folks, my brother, help out my friends who need help, invest, start a business, buy real estate, a car, hire a yes man and a food taster, have a money filled equivalent of a waterbed, give to the church, take a break from reality

5 locations I'd like to run away to: Running away doesnt help.

5 bad habits I have: bad habits what are those? I tire of people rapidly, I get lazy when I get bored like the easier something is to do the longer it takes me because its not a challenge, i'm disillusioned, i hold a grudge like rakim holds a mic, i can be very harsh at times

5 things I like doing: Reading, writing, watching movies, listening to music, collecting music

5 things I would never wear: shorts, slippers or sandles, tight t shirts, clothing bought with actually rips, tears and holes in it, bell bottoms

5 TV shows I like: 24, Alias, Dr Who, Battlestar Galactica, Charlie Jade

5 movies I like: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Once Upon a Time in China, Die Hard, Hard Target

5 famous people I'd like to meet: If they sit around thinking about meeting me then I'm down if not I cant be bothered.

5 biggest joys at the moment:
Joys whats that? Sleep, the warm weather

5 favorite toys: computer, stereo, kinda digging some household tools too

I'm not officially tagging anyone but if you feel to do this go right ahead.


dorna! said...

You know, just about everyone I noticed who has completed this meme listed "computer" as a fav toy.

Abeni said...

Lol,Dorna we always messing bout on our comps.

Anonymous said...

I'll just take TODAY and say, so far nutten but whole heap o rain from Miss Emily, no breeze to speak of as yet. Eye dodged to the South of us thank God. If this is it, then we shudda kriss! Dr. D.

Lene said...

i love how you never tagged anyone. it's like, "meh. whatever." hahahahahaha. good list too.

obifromsouthlondon said...

whats that about household tools, didnt quite get that lol!!

with a $100 milli I'll go bonkers

so you a Dr. Who junkie too? I'm so on the good doctor and his tardis. wikid

good looking out dude (and get some shorts. eff the sandals)

Don Tate II said...

34-degrees, OMG, its been like near 100 here (Texas) the past week. But then again, we are on opposite ends of the earth.

Japronika said...

Hey just showin' luv ;)

Urban Sista said...

Good list! Running away may not solve the problem, but it may not hurt to get away and think about it. Don Tate, it's 34 degrees Celsius -- we're metric in Canada. I'm sure that's about 90-something degrees Fahrenheit. It's blistering hot.

solitaire said...

But eh J-diddy, yuh sound a likkle peeved on your list... yuh okay?

Yuh is one of di people dem dat always a look out fi meh, always encouraging... mi here fe do di same, big bro! :)