Monday, July 18, 2005

What more can I say

Well I wasnt planning to blog today. Busy busy at work but I came in early and while having breakfast at my desk I surfed a few blog sites and felt the urge to say something so here goes.

I swear this white woman felt up my head on the bus this morning as she was getting up to get out of the bus and I was still sitting down. Dammit, there was definite cupping action on the ball head, I feel so abused.

Speaking of my transit trials, why is it that some young ladies know they dont have access to a car and will be taking the bus but buy like the biggest baby prams (carriages) in the world? If your baby carriage takes up 80% of the aisle space and is about three seats long dont give me a screw face as I try to squeeze through the aisle. Dont block the aisle and look clueless when people are waiting for you to shift the pram to the side so they can pass either.

Also have you ever noticed how people run for the train? Sometimes you get into the station and you hear the train downstairs or you get on the platform and you can tell instinctively that the train has been there for a couple of minutes and the oh so familiar chimes will soon ring and the doors will close so you start to run. Ok so tell me why is it that when someone runs full speed to the train as soon as they get inside the train doors they just come to a complete halt automatically like they pull up the handbrakes? I mean even when the train is half empty and there is space that they can take a few more steps in? Why is that? Why do I ask because usually when someone is running for the train that person is not alone. Oh no there is usually someone behind them also running, usually me, and if that first person makes it into the train a second ahead of the chimes and the doors are closing and I'm right on their tail and they pull up I have to pull up too just as the doors close in my face. One of these days I gine juss bumrush the train and push dem down ya hear? chupse!

Finally have you ever thought about all the different people on the train in the morning on their way to wherever they are going? Have you ever looked at their faces and wondered whats going through their thoughts? Who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, who is worried, who is happy, who is tired (the majority) , who is wondering why the hell is this black man staring at them. lol.

Ok breakfast over, will chat later. Have a good day.


summer m. said...

the train is a great place for people watching. i just hate it when people watch back.

Abeni said...

I always had to run for the train.I lost count of the number of times I got left because I was always taking my sweet time.Nothing beats people watching:)

Luke Cage said...

Okay man. You need to cut that out. Your last couple of posts have been killing me man. I can't be taking my shirts to the cleaners every time I read your blogs with a drink sipping it at that time and then choking from laughter.

That train thing, with the folks pulling up like they had handbrakes is so true. I don't run for the train anymore, but you wouldn't want to be in front of me if you just got in the doors and pulled up. I'll tell you that much.

The Marlo Girl said...

cupping action? hm. i gine tell your wife. : )

and don't blame the ladies with the prams... it's hard toting around a baby. sometimes you need a big one that holds all your crap--especially when you have to take the transit. my cousin and her little one lived with me for a few months when she moved from montreal, and i have to give the girls props just for doing all their ish by bus.

i love the train for people watching. and like summer, i don't like it when the watch back! LOL unless they're cute. then it's a pickup. haha

Slow Metamorphosis said...

I got a definate visual of you running and bumrushing someone unto the train and I was at my desk laughing so hard my shoulders was heaving. lol. Your a nut man!
Head cuppage??? what was that about?

Dr. D. said...

jDid, you bringing back amemory to me of taking the 'Tube' in London one night at about 10:30 PM....I was the only person on board my section. Train stops at a station and just before the door closes, in jumps a stark naked white man with head shaved who starts to jerk himself off!

Now, I very weary o dem freaks inna foreign, so I got out at the next stop...which wasn't my destination...but I could wait another 20 minutes for the next train. Sick mofo!

I wonder of the lady who feel up you head this AM have a bald head black man fetish??

Radmila said...

Yeah...while we're on the pram business...what's the age limit on those things?
I'm seeing 5 year olds being wheeled around in them.
Geez, no wonder kids are lazier and fatter than ever before.
I don't ever remember riding around in a pram..because as soon as I could walk, that's what my mother was making me do.
I'm seeing big ass kids squeezed into strollers.
It's shameful.

Chris said...

Just a word to let all know I'm gay and I'm coming out of the closet

Jdid said...

@summer - oh come on people need to watch back
@abeni - yea its funny when someone is trying to play cool and then they end up running
@luke - i'm not paying your dry cleaning bill lol
@marlo - it seems like the big ones i see are half empty all the time though
@slow met - no idea but i definetly was felt up
@Dr D - yea late night trains you meet some crazy people.
@radmila - good point about the 5 year olds in prams
@chris - umm good for you i guess

Chris said...

Hmmm, seems someone (by the name Mr. Mystic) has been busy appropriating my name and outing me from the closet. I didn't even know I had a closet to jump into.

Interesting, anybody can go onto a blog as someone else and say whatever they like. I won't stoop to that level though.

Don Tate II said...

I've never had to deal with trains, but I did ride a bus for a year while my wife and I shared a car. The stories I could blog...

Scratchie said...

well we don't have trains here and my memories of the bus are too outdated to remember...but your post is enjoyable as always. My manager soon fire me for reading your blog and laughing out in the office

Lene said...

It's bad when I have to catch the RT at Kennedy and those losers fill up the entrance and dont sit down. Then when I'm running, I cant get in, and then when it leaves the station, I see them sit down. DIRTBAGS!!!

smallislandgirl said...

Hi just stopping by I added you to my blog roll thanks for reading my blog.

Far said...

LOL too funny, came across your blog via someone elses very funny shit!

Nikki said...

Head cuppin'? Maybe she has a fetish.

Amadeo said...

I used to have my train technique down. Memorizing where the door will be and noticing the first breeze that proceeds it's onset. Sliding down rails when I hear it coming. Suffice it to say people still walking down the steps don't like that.

courtneyelizabeth said... shoulda slapped her hand asked to feel her breast.....J/K

Tracey said...

Man you gine mek me tek the train one day. I remember when every other lady on the train was on me to come to church. I wonder if a sign was on my face that said "This bitch parties from Wednesday to Sunday non-stop"! If someone sat next to me and said Hi, Morning, Hello and I responded next think I have book, flyer, paper, card with number in muh hand from them.
Those were the fun days.