Wednesday, August 24, 2005

By his deeds

Sitting in your church on Sunday
Thinking who you gonna screw Monday
Who you gonna tief
Who you gonna rob
Take it as me tell you seh you cann fool God no

By his deeds shall a man be known
Man a ask you for a piece of bread
You give him stone

By his Deeds - Warrior King

So did everyone see Reverend Pat Robertson's call on the U.S to go and assassinate Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez. Imagine that a big so-called man of the cloth letting off talk about how the U.S should get rid of another country's ruler in the middle of a religious broadcast to boot. I mean I'm not naive enough to think that the U.S doesn't do those types of things already but just openly calling for it is a bit much.

I hope that don't happen though cause my girl Campfyah would got to try and run outta that place real hard. Start building a raft girl, Trinidad is that way over to the left and doan worry dem might mistake ya fa a bajan fisherman teifing the flying fishes an lock ya up but if ya sneak out a lil note wrap up in a doubles or a roti skin I would get a message to Owen to tell Patrick let ya go. :-)

Anyway I'm not surprised by the audacity of Robertson's comments. Some fellas hide behind this whole Christian front in order justify or to try and get away with certain underhanded evil statements and just end up bringing the entire Christian movement into disrepute. Remember back last October I blogged about how Jerry Falwell said to "blow them all away in the name of the lord" so this is nothing new. Robertson is just spewing his brand of hatred while utilizing the name of God.

Some people will say but these are supposed to be God fearing Christian people but remember how many wars have been fought in the history of our world because of religion and how many atrocities were carried out supposedly in God's name. Remember it's some of those same God fearing American people that had black people downpress under Jim Crow laws yet going to church every Sunday so don't be too surprised by this behavior.

And when you think of it what's the difference between these Christian fundamentalists and Muslim fundamentalists? Oh my bad the Christian fundamentalists no longer want to be known as fundamentalists.

In an article on Billy Graham and his son Franklin, August 22nd's issue of the New Yorker magazine said that apparently the Christian religious right is not happy with the word 'fundamentalist' anymore as it conjures up negative images. Bob Jones III (you know of Bob Jones University where up until a few years ago inter-racial dating was not allowed since apparently it is forbidden in the bible somewhere) said 'Instead of 'fundamentalism' defining us as steadfast Bible believers this term now carries negative overtones of radicalism and terrorism..... Many of us who are separated unto Christ feel it is appropriate to find a new label that will define us more positively and appropriately". So apparently this new label is 'Preservationists' however it hasn't actually caught on yet.

Another article I read, this months Harpers Magazine, says rightly that a lot of folks really don't understand this Christian thing. As an example it was mentioned that especially screwed up was this whole belief that the Bible actually says God helps those who help themselves. Well I don't know if you believe that but that was actually a Benjamin Franklin quote not no bible. Anyway this article was saying that belief is used by many religious folks to justify why they don't want to help the less needy when in fact the bible says you should look after those less fortunate. Aint that something?

Still back to this fundamentalism thing. What's the difference? The Muslim fundamentalist spread their influence by building madrasas (schools) to preach their doctrine, the Christian fundamentalists just use TV shows and their lobbying power in government. All see everything as a war between the religions and as a need to eradicate the other. Yea the Muslim fundamentalists may have gone a little further by reaching the bombing stage now but basically they all teach the same no tolerance message. I mean I cant lie I know in some of my views I've got a few fundamentalist views but I still believe that the bible says you should be setting examples to your fellow man if you want him to change his ways and the like not bombing him or attacking him. That just don't seem right. By his deeds a man shall be known!

p.s: I love the way how the U.S media is using this whole Pat Robertson issue to get in a message to the unsuspecting public who are going "who the hell is this Chavez dude" that Chavez is a dictator, a strong man, a bad bad man and a friend of Fidel Castro who hates the U.S and has put Bush on trial and will try to hold onto Venezuela's oil. Oil hmmm, do I smell a coup in the near future?


Abeni said...

You know I was planning a lil post on him tomorrow.Bare madness

Mad Bull said...

Maybe they are planning on removing him from office... I'll have to watch for that post, Kami.

Sunshine said...

Buoy Jdid-You've touched on one of my favorite topics-religion! Now I may get flack over this but I do not believe in organized religion. Let us not forget that religion was and still is a form of control. The Christians teach fire and brimestone-fear. Religion is like any other business-a business. All this crap about "in the name of Christinaity and in the name of Allah" is such a load of propaganda crap it makes me sick. It's big business. All this religious rhetoric Pat Robertson spouting off-they're all on crack.

Dr. D. said...

Televangelists....spell big business. No religion there. Dem sick man stomach!

Big N said...

Pat Robertson = Osama Bin Laden

Zantiferous3 said...

I READ ABOUT THIS!!!! I was FLABBERGASTED!!! FLABBERGASTED I SAY!!! I think I'm still in shock over it!!! LOL Just speechless that he puts himself in a position of spirtual leader... and says something so TOTALLY against the teachings of the Bible. *shaking head*

Zantiferous3 said...

Oh, but what I really loved were his comments about feminism:

...feminism encourages women to "kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians."

Lawd hamercy Jesus. *shaking head*

Urban Sista said...

I saw this yesterday and wanted to blog on it, but things have been too hectic. I'm glad you called this fool out.

Pat Robertson is an ass, plain and simple. He is a simple man who is using the name of God and the name of Christ to encourage people to act foolishly.

The Bible does say, "Love thy neighbor as you love yourself" and "Thou shalt not kill." So, when Robertson advocates killing someone he is showing his true colours and that the love of Christ is not in him -- although he may think it is.

What he's talking is bare foolishness and, as my pastor said this past Sunday, we're living in a world where foolishness is counted as sense and sense is counted as foolishness. It does not make sense to say I'm a follower of Christ and then say we should kill someone for oil.

It really upsets me when people call themselves Christians and act like devils because those people who are truly trying to follow Christ get painted with the same brush.

What Robertson should be doing is getting the U.S. to send more money (if they've sent any at all) to help those starving people in Niger. Or maybe he should be trying to find a way to stop a war that is killing innocents. Or maybe he should be at a food bank helping to feed citizens that go hungry in one of the richest countries in the world.

Now, that would show real Christianity.

Campfyah said...

Jdid--this is why ah like you bad, bad so, cause you doan mek nuh sport. So apart from me running East tuh Trini..from whey ah is ah gotta go East, tuh go West ah gine in Columbia..anyways, apart from seeking refuge in Trini, ah hey deadding wid laff bout dem mistaking muh fuh a fisherman and me sending out de note in a doubles wrap..halarious tuh de bone.

Now tuh de issue at hand..ah did gine write bout this today too, my question is wha de ass Chavez do the damned Americans. chuuppsse. I done tell people dat he should tell de American gov't hey, tuh shut up duh shop and get tuh hell outta he country. As fuh Pat Robertson, he is onlee ah Johnny, ah would call he sumthing else, but de hubby might ready and doan appreciate de words.
Yes, how is it that a man of the Word, can openly call for the assissnation of another person and nontheless a head of government. These people have no shame, but doan worry I gonna listen tuh Aló Presidente on Sunday, and give wunna a report. It's Chavez weekly radio/TV program and ah know he gonna cuss Robertson and Bush good and plenty.
But wunna notice that the good ole gov't of the U.S of A ein saying nothing against Robertson and he offf the wall statements. But let it be the other way around and they would be calling for all kinds of condmenation against Chavez.
You see the problem is that Chavez has shown the U.S gov't that he's not afraid of them, they don't have much that he wants, but he has what they need good old OIL.

Why is the U.S so worried about Chave and the way he's running his country. When all the other real dictators was running things down here and the rich were living like fat hogs and the US had unrelented access to the Oil you didn't know that Venezuela existed, but now that Chavez wants to institute change in his own country all of a sudden he's a dictator. Do I remind people that he's been democratically elected twice by his people.
But let me not hogg Jdid's blog with my response. maybe I'll write more in detail some day.

titilayo said...

The US has been targeting Chavez for a long long time though, since he came into power. There have been rumours for years about their plans to assassinate him. I really don't know why they 'fraid the man so.

As for Pat Robertson, I have no regard whatsover for tele-evangelists, especially them who talk politics and hatred and try to sneak it into their "sermons" as some kind of religious rhetoric. My aunt used to like to watch some religious network, and one day a few years back I stopped and heard the preacher on the TV preaching against the Palestinians, trying to say that they don't deserve any land in the West Bank because they aren't really a nation to begin with. His proof of this was that "They can't be a nation because there is no language called Palestinian!" Uh, yeah, buddy. By that definition there all a whole lot of places around the world that aren't really nations: Canada, Mexico, the US, Belgium, Brazil, to name a few. The sad thing is that they seem to have their audience so brainwashed or something that the people can't recognize when the "men of God" are talking bare ignorance

Amadeo said...

Well you know America's motto: Praise the lord and pass the ammunition! The sad part is if gas keeps getting more expensive the people will support that move.

YingYang said...

If the US really thinks that in this 2005 they still have the political will, international clout and military where-with-all to even attempt action against Venezuela, they are sadly and sorely mistaken. Lip service is all they have and they know it. I guess that means they're going to continue yakking away for as long as they can.

IMO, I not all that fond of Chavez either, and I definitely think his motives for the Petrocaribe deal aren't as altruistic as he would have us believe. You know he like waving that in Bush face.

As for that bambam Pat Robertson -Oh please! He still alive?

courtneyelizabeth said...

my geez....@ thinkin of who you're gonna screw Monday

SoftSpoken said...

This is a crying shame, Pat Robertson should be ashamed of himself.

Urban sista you said it best "we're living in a world where foolishness is counted as sense and sense is counted as foolishness. It does not make sense to say I'm a follower of Christ and then say we should kill someone for oil."

All I can say, the say is the devil works in everyone and through everyone.

SoftSpoken said...

You've been tagged, Check my page.

4panist said...

nothing like talk of religion to get things going. I didn't hear about this in the news (I've been somewhat cut off from the world) but its sad how its so crazy yet so believable at the same time that someone would get on TV and say that. Especially someone with such power.

button_nose said...

This is one of the reasons I'm not actively in church! I think so much hypocrispy goes think a man of his stature would say such a thing is totally reprehensible!

God is love, love is God.....I darn sure don't hear love in his words, or God for that matter.

Smooches :)

Inside Man said...

Yup, this whole coverage is just the prequel. Their will be exploitation in the future.

obifromsouthlondon said...

not suprising Hugo's been a thorn in the US side for a minute. if they werent so busy "bring democracy" to the world they would have tried it love-you-long time ago. gwan mr chavez!!