Sunday, August 07, 2005

Eediat Ting dat!

Eediat dat dat dat dat Eediat ting dat!

Well I had promised to make Eediat ting dat a near regular event but it didn't seem to work. Last one I did was here.

However I came across this article today when I was trying to relax (haven't been home much so that's the main reason I haven't blogged since last Tuesday night) that I just needed to talk about.

Now Kami already spoke about the guy who supposedly killed his 3 year old son for being gay. That would have probably been worthy for an Eediat ting dat mention too but she beat me to it.

This story I want to speak on I read in this week's Sports Illustrated and can also be found here.

In case you don't read the link or you just want me to break it down here goes.

Allegedly on June 27th this year, in Uniontown Pennsylvania, this Tee ball team made the playoffs. Now the rules of this Tee ball thing said that every child on your team who showed up for a game had to play at least 3 innings. So there was this one child on the team, Harry, who was autistic and suffers from mild mental retardation. Apparently the coach didn't want him to play probably because playing said child might ruin the teams chances of winning (its not said so I assuming).

So the coach when he announced the playoffs didn't even tell Harry's mother about it cause he didn't want the child to show up. However the parent found out and brought Harry to the game. So what ya think my man the coach do?

In warmup the coach got the hardest throwing pitcher on his side and asked him to warm up with Harry. Then he pulls this boy aside and tells him to hit Harry in the face so he cant play today and offers the pitcher 25 dollars if he does that. Imagine that!

Well first ball. Whapax! The pitcher hits poor Harry in the groin sending him crying to his mom. But the mom sent Harry back to play and the coach told the pitcher to hit him harder. Well wuhloss! The second ball the pitcher let lose nearly kill my yout Harry. Cuhdear! It hit him in the left side of the face and ear drawing blood (that reminds me of another story which I'm planning for the 14th). The coach then told Harry's mother that it looks like Harry is unlucky today so he should just sit this one out.

Well I'm not sure what happened next but somehow or the other Harry's mom found out what the coach had done, went to the police and now the coach, one Mark Downs, is answering charges of criminal solicitation to commit aggravated assault, corruption of minors, criminal conspiracy to commit assault and reckless endangering of another person.

A wha kinda eediat ting dat!

Ya mean to tell me that a man could be so cruel that he would try to knock down a handicapped child so. Man I feel this fellow don't need no years in prison he need some lashes with the cat-o-nine. If there is one case where I think punishment should involve some sort of pain its this one.

As I was thinking about this though I say to myself if that was my child involved, that coach would have to pray to God I didn't kill him. But that got me thinking. You know that Harry's mother aint West Indian cause if Harry's mom was West Indian boy there is no doubt in my mind that liks wudda share. Somebody would get seriously beat down. Harry's mother would be the one in court charged cause the coach would have been beat down! She and the father and the family would have rush up on the coach and demand 'satisfaction'.

My West Indian people know bout 'satisfaction'? I not talking bout Mick Jagger and dem so ya know. Satisfaction is what we call it in Barbados when someone does you or someone close to you wrong and you demand recourse or retribution for the act that was perpetrated.

'I come fa satisfaction!'

So when I was growing up, and say a school teacher for no apparently reason administered an especially severe beating on your child with a strap or a bamboo to an extent that left marks on ya child skin or cut him/her or something like that you would see the child's parents mostly mothers rush up to the school the next day and go to the headmaster and demand 'satisfaction'. (now this is if they felt that the teacher was unjustified in the beating cause if they thought the beating was justified the child was probably in for more liks at home) Something had to be done and wuhloss if the fathers or other family members got involved cause 'satisfaction' was going to be had one way or another be it a simple apology or somebody getting their tail cut.

Same thing if another child beat up your child. The parent of the child who got beaten up would go to the other child's parents and demand satisfaction. An eye for an eye sort of justice I guess.

Boy I remember when I was like 8 or 9 and that girl lik me cross my forehead wid a two by four and had me wid a big big bump on my forehead that used to get into the room about two minutes ahead of the rest of my face. My mudda was cruel, and vex and rush to the gal parents one time and demand 'satisfaction' for knocking what little sense her child had out of his head. Oh for those interested I told that full story here last year.

It was a matter of standing up because you didn't want anyone taking advantage of or as we would say 'unfairing' your child. Ya had to show them that the child aint an orphan and if ya mess with them then somebody would step up and stand up or 'represent' them.

So I can just imagine if this was in the West Indies what would have happened if the parents had found out that this coach had deliberately ordered another child to throw at their son. I can see a 'fyah-go-lash' type mother running up to confront this man while dragging along the poor child by his arm with a glowering father and possibly at least a grannie and an igrant unemployed uncle in tow. She's gesturing and pointing at the child's injuries, cussing and demanding satisfaction and the coach is denying the incident while trying to back away looking for a chance to run but the father is a big fellow that ready to lash him and the igrant uncle, that always one step from jail, only hoping to God that this man run cause he ready to throw two belly searchers from the word go. (a belly searcher is a cuff in ya guts, a cuff well a cuff is a punch lol, I gine have wunnah talking bajan by year end lol)

Anyway boy I hope this coach fellow get what is coming to him if they find him guilty.


Mad Bull said...

You right, he deserves a mob to rush him and beat him with old rusty pipe with wood, with rock stone and to bruck him up bad, bad!

Don Tate II said...

jdid, I've been working on a post just like this. I teach my son to hit back. But if a coach coaxed another player to hit my son, it would be me and that coach. After I beat him down, I'd collect my lawsuit fees.

Jedi Consular said...
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Jedi Consular said...

I coached little league Basketball in 96 and it was bad man, coaches cheating about the ages of kids, parent being hard on there kids, it was bad and I never wanted to coach again.

smallislandgirl said...

This made me cry because I have a son and I worrry about the kind of world we live in where adults who should know better do these things how are you suppose to protect them.

Abeni said...

That is such crap but it is the win at all costs mentality.I hope he doesn't get off lightly

Gunner Kaufman said...

I read when that happened, and i couldnt imagine myself or child in that situation. I feel for the mom, and I agree with you, cause I know they would have to hauled me off to jail after that incident.

Dr. D. said...

I agree with you...dat coach MTR (Mad To Rass).

So now we know why you does write some foolishness de lick you get inna you head from far back....LOL! ;-)

Respec rude bwoy!

Amadeo said...

That's bad, but really a lot of little league coaches do things that ruin childrens chances to play later in life...that one does deserve a back alley meeting.

Slow Metamorphosis said...

That is absolutely disgusting. In the good old US of A they have another recourse; quite similar to satisfaction. You already know how everybody love fe SUE!!!
That is on top of everything else discrimination. So on top of him going to jail; I would have to take his ass to court as well.

Luke Cage said...

Dammit Jdid! I love it when you pepper your posts with West Indian colloquialisms man!

My West Indian people know bout 'satisfaction'? I not talking bout Mick Jagger and dem so ya know. Satisfaction is what we call it in Barbados when someone does you or someone close to you wrong and you demand recourse or retribution for the act that was perpetrated.

Trust me when I say, as a haitian man, I know all the rules of engagement. And not only would that coach have been beaten down, then he would've been arrested and locked under the fu#@-ing jail okay? I hadn't read this story, so I'm a little late. But good looking out on its presentation. Nice job

Xquizzyt1 said...

Idiot is not the word... *sigh* he deserves someone to hit him repeatedly int eh face with a baseball... jsut over and over. I HATE violations against children like this. That is deplorable.

Sunshine said...

Hi JDid-Just passing through. Just cruised through your blogg briefly. Been slacking up on reading everyone's blogg. Gosh-rnr is always a good thing.

~b*b~ said...

yet another sad example of why, in this day and age, you should never let your kids out of your site with adults that are not family - we won't even go into some of the other abuses coaches have been guilty of...

dorna! said...

What he did was beyond idiotic, it was criminal. Having said that the mother should have been a little more vigilant, given she'd already had a heads up that the coach didn't want her kid there. I'm not blaming her mind, I'm just saying these days a little paranoia goes a long way. That child could have ended up with a serious head injury.

princessdominique said...

Thank you for the post. I think he needs to be flattened with a steamroller, but that's just my personal opinion and when it comes to something like that, I know I can be quite harsh.

Urban Sista said...

Wuhloss! Thanks for this post -- I needed a good belly laugh! People are so wicked. Why are you going conspire to throw a big ball at a poor child? Chupse. The mother should have busted the coach's tail.

It's so true, I've heard my mom talk about my grandmother 'getting satisfaction' from a headmistress in the district that did 'unfair' her niece. Good ol' BIM -- police what? We have viligante justice.

Hypothetically Speaking said...

I feel at home here. Excellent post. That coach was "dark". True ting - if the parents were west indian that woulda a been a whole different kinda sinting a gawn deh so!

Jdid said...

@mad bull - agreed
@don tate - yea i remember my dad teaching me to hit back lol
@jedi consular - sounds scary
@smallislandgirl - you just got to be vigilant
@abeni - me too
@gunner - agreed
@Dr D - yep is head trauma all like now
@amadeo - agreed
@slow met - didnt think of the sue thing but yea why not
@luke - thanks
@xzuizzyt - i dont think any punishment is too harsh for him
@sunshine - glad you're back sunshine
@bb - ya cant even be too careful with family
@dorna - yea thats true too but how could she think that he would pay another kid to do something like that
@princess D - well i think many of us agree with you
@urban sis - sometimes vigilante justice is all ya got
hypotetically speaking - thanks for the kind words, hope you become a regular visitor

cylon said...

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