Tuesday, August 02, 2005

How do you write?

I'll be back with one or is that two more Caribana related posts but I don't feel like writing about that now. So here is a question to all of my fellow bloggers who read this. How do you write?

Do you have to be relaxed to write, must there be burning issues for you to write about, where does your creative spark come from? Do you write at a certain spot, listen to music as you write, light candles, drink alcohol, smoke illegal substances? What drives you?

I'm just wondering because I was doing some exercises a few weeks back at a gathering which were supposed to get you relaxed so that you could be creative and write and for me it was an abject failure. Why? Cause I don't relax before I write, its more like the opposite I write to relax. I kind of follow that old Chuck D line from Terrordome 'When I get mad I put it down on a pad'. Like even if I'm not upset I'm still a bit tense and I have these things I need to say and as they come seeping out of my brain onto the written page then I can feel more comfortable and just sort of chill. This is especially true of my poetry. Writing for me is an outlet. If I relax before I start typing then nothing really happens because I'm likely to just be like let me go watch TV or chat online or something.

And I can pretty much write anywhere but I prefer no music, no outside stimuli to affect what I'm doing. Just ambient noises and I don't like people trying to have conversations with me when I'm trying to sort out something I'm writing which is probably why most of my blogs and other stuff are written when my wife isn't around.

So yea the relaxation business naa work fa de I. I'm just too tense and stressed out an individual to really relax first before writing I guess. I work from a position of must say what I got to say, even if its not really that important or useful, must work franticly under self imposed deadlines. Must just get thoughts out of head onto paper.

So how do you approach writing?


Dr. D. said...

Lots of my posts are spur of the moment...I don't plan them. Happenings in news, daily living help to colour them. Of course, my own feelings, ideas, opinions etc. get stuffed in there somewhere and I try to lick some humour as well from time to time.

But, sometime...don't have shyte to share. On those days I should really just shut the phuck up!

summer m. said...

in general, i'm super crazy when i write. it's a painful process.

i tend to scribble things anywhere i can, and make them coherent later. i swear, only i can follow those notes.

i'm also very restless. i can't just sit and write. i walk around, i eat, etc. it just takes a lot of energy for me to sit and concentrate. i think it's the the a.d.d., though.

smallislandgirl said...

I am like Dr.D its always spur of the moment if I think about it too much then I hesitate and things never come out it doesn't have to be quiet I could write anywhere I have been a diarist since I was 13.

Abeni said...

I don't think too much of it.Basically I just get an idea and move with it

Amadeo said...

My writing (in any form) is always a mix, but it's best when I have something to get out. The worst thing is for me to try and write. I hate to make this link, but it's like going to the bathroom...I can't force it.

Gunner Kaufman said...

Bloggin' for me is a straight freestyle exercise. No idea till its done. But for other more serious projects, pack of cigs, a can of brew and silence. No phone calls, no music, no television.

Luke Cage said...

I was actually asked this question by brother Greggy over a year ago, but in relations to artwork. As for writing, I don't think it deviates far from the same concept. Like most people, I blog from spur of the moment.

But some of my other posts that are planned to be posted and get saved instead for another day will probably be edited in some way. Which explains why most of my posts read like books. Much like this comment -lol

Slow Metamorphosis said...

I usually am frantic when I write. Like I have to get things out...things will pop into my head and if I dont get it out of there as it reads in my head I will screw it all up. Usually I like the music and the vibes...but sometimes it can be 2 in the morning and something will pop into my head and I need to put it down. So crazy as it seems I sleep with paper and pen in my bed.

Urban Sista said...

I have to have something to say -- I can't just write for writing sake. Something has to spur me on to write -- an event, current affairs, a crazy friend. Music is good and it helps with the process big time.

Campfyah said...

Being the wannabe blogger/writer that I am. I write to get the hang of the art. Sometimes I think about what I want to write, but usually, those thoughts never get written so I usually end up writing off the spur of the moment while listening to music.

SP said...

I agree with Urban Sista. I have to have something to say in order to sit down and write.

Big N said...

Need something to write about. And even then, I'm lazy.

bajangirls said...
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The Marlo Girl said...

when i blog, i have to do it when the moment strikes. when inspiration hits, i scribble as fast as i can if i'm not anywhere near the computer and then transfer the thoughts electronically.

when i write for the mag, i tend to need tunes. and wuhloss if you disturb me in the middle of a roll. i have to just do one large brain dump and then chip away piece by piece for a final article.

dorna! said...

Fascinating discussion. I'm not a writer proper, but I tend to doodle ideas on post-its and in text files and then forget about them. A few days or a few weeks later it all comes together somewhere in the back of my mind, usually while I'm otherwise occupied.

Shotta M said...

the things that inspire me to write are exercising my creative mind, addressing current issues that interest me, reflecting on my past, chronicling my present and speculating about the future.

Anonymous said...

I'm like a jazz artist with mine. I improvise. I decide to write, sit down, do a little searching (the net or my mind), seize on the first thing that stays in my mind for longer than 5 seconds, and go.

Don Tate II said...

Oh, what happed to all the pretty girls in exotic costumes. Thats what I came here for! Who has time to get relaxed before writing. In my dreams. I write when I have a second to spare. Most of my writing ideas come at the wrong times, so I either write my ideas down, leave a message to myself on my cell, or email myself with the idea. Many of my post are written piecemail, days ahead, that way I can kind of think on it. However, as was the case with Greggy, I write on the fly. But never in a relaxed atmosphere.

Cymple said...

hummmm, definitely no extra noises like tv or radio. (it gets me all confused lol) But I find that I write the most when I'm upset or depressed. When I'm happy and all is well, there's not much to talk about. =)

courtneyelizabeth said...

i usually write when i'm pissed or going through love issues....

Matt the Hat said...

I love to write. It doesn't take me much to get me going (check out my public blog list sometime).

Lots of times I'm like "right, time to blog." and I open a blog click new post and see what I have to say.

Other times I see something funny and blog about it.

Or I see news that is [SHOCK] or [WOW] or I think needs more exposure - then onto a blog it goes.

If I'm pissed off then I blog that to get it off my chest. I have several issues that really get to me and some have blogs all to themselves. (I kid you not 1/3 of all my google ad money comes from the blog where I bitch about my local council).

Some times I have a great idea and want to talk about it. Sometimes I think that my blogs need to link to each other so I write about stuff that I blogged about before and throw in a link.

Sometimes I see a comment box and find I have so much to say that I have to blog about that too.

But then I am totally mad.

BTW: This is me tapping you with a new meme.


Zantiferous3 said...

that's interesting. I hate to feel like I HAVE to write... then I can't. I do like to be relaxed though... preferably alone, with music playing in the background to set my mood. If I'm typing some gay, I love you shit, I need some slow jams on, if I'm typing some fuck the world don't ask me for shit type-shit... then I clearly need some hip-hop as my backdrop... and if I'm feeling self-reflective and introspective... then I need some Neo-Soul, Jazz... or some other shit like that... But it takes me such a looooong time to post... because I read it, re-read it, change a sentence, move a paragraph... the crazy thing is, I can't do that in edit mode, I have to do it once it's posted. So if you're ever the first person to comment... wait a few minutes... and refresh cuz that shit will probably change right in front of your eyes. LOL

~b*b~ said...

for me, writing is as essential as breathing...
in my line of work i am constantly writing, all day, er'ryday (reports, letters, papers, policy docs. journal articles, proposals). blogging (and also some emails) has quickly become some of the most enjoyable writing i do. being a relatively new blog-person i am pleasantly surprised at the sizeable number of people that are AMAZING writers...

Inside Man said...

For me I need some type of ambient noise to be writing. A loud silence will only make my mind draw a blank. I have to hear music, television, or disturbing ass neighbors to get the ink (or keyboard) flowing. It's like an order out of chaos type of thing. I work the same way, I can't focus on a project in solitude. Observation of present events contributes to whatever I'm setting my mind to.

Yamfoot said...

Do you have to be relaxed to write,

must there be burning issues for you to write about,

where does your creative spark come from?

Do you write at a certain spot, listen to music as you write, light candles, drink alcohol, smoke illegal substances?



What drives you?

obifromsouthlondon said...

I'm with you on that. when I'm all chilled out I find it hard to write anything. I write better when I'm tense and ish.

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