Sunday, August 14, 2005

Praises be

To the most high God.

I've written a lot over the years but it was one year ago while watching something that I considered rather funny on the Olympics that I decided hey instead of just emailing my friends about it why not start one of these blog thingies. And so Doan Mind Me was born.

Must say back then I didn't know how big the blog world was and I really only knew about Yammie and Kami's blog but I decided to give this blogging thing a try.

Well what can I say its been an up and down year but I think I like what's become of this blog. It still sort of escapes definition in my opinion. Just the rants of a black man raised in the west indies, living in the who loves hip hop and black music in general and just says whatever comes into his head. Crazy ol Jdid's thoughts. Hope you enjoy them.

So respect due to Yammie, Kami, Dr D and Mad Bull and the other Caribbean bloggers who came before me and paved the way and of course respect due to everyone out there in blogland who has stopped by and whose blogs I frequent. I love y'all! Man are there some talented people out there. Too may to name. Sometimes you guys stop me cold in my tracks like whoa why am I here filling up the internet with crap when you guys are so intelligent and write so well. But oh well, I've never been one to dwell on comparisons, I'm just doing my thing and I respect y'all for doing your thing. You may influence me at times but I write like Jdid and no-one else and I aint down with copying you or wont be overawed by your style cause that's just how I be. I'm a just respect yours and give you love.

But yea I think the blog collective is a mighty cool set of folk and I admire y'all and try to keep up with your writing as best I can. Doesn't it feel sometimes like we know each other? Doesn't it feel like we are friends. People who I've never met. I mean if I don't see certain folk blog for a while I get sort of worried about them hoping nothings happened to them. Man that's sort of scary aint it.

And its weird too how I find so many ideas like my own in blogs. I guess blog minds think alike, lol. Maybe a study needs to be conducted on the characteristics of folks who blog.

Anyway back to the subject at hand. Thanks to all my friends who have actually read my blog as well cause I know I told most of you but I think for the most part you've ignored this place. Oh well, I aint doing it for wunnah anyways. :-) Just exactly why am I doing this I wonder? The verdicts still out I think but its probably just for the pure love of writing and to see what I can come up with and if I can keep this up.

Oh and respect to the folks I dont know who also read and dont comment. Try and say sumting nuh man! Lol, thanks for stopping by, hope you like it.

When I started I didn't think this thing would last 6 months but hey a year later and we still going strong. Well not really that strong lately due to work and other constraints but we nuh dead yet so that's something to be happy about. Must give thanks.

So yea props to everyone, too many names to call and I'm afraid I'd offend someone. Thanks for your support and I'm going to try to step up my game for the year. Bless!


Campfyah said...

well, well, well, it's been a yr yuh been blogging, lordee it seems longer, maybe it's dem long blogs that yuh does sumtimes write, and mek people dead wid laff... but It's All Good. Congrats tuh yuh year and keep dem coming fiercer next year.

4panist said...

congrats on a year gone by. keep it up, its become part of my routine.

smallislandgirl said...

Congrats thats a great achievement to last so long i'm new to this thing and I know what you mean about the better writers but I keep remembering what Earl Lovelace says who better to tell your story than you and I enjoy reading the story of your life so keep it up.

Inside Man said...

It's strange because I only found out about blogging by looking for a research topic on google. I accidently stumbled upon someones blog regarding the topic I was looking for. I had no knowledge of the blog universe beforehand. I was so intrigued by how well the post was written and its responses that I had to be down with getting my thoughts out there too. I don't want to pac ride that person, but there blog is what got me into this (my Morpheus). That was only a month ago so I guess you could say I'm still earning my wings. Overall this is a great place to learn from folks who have a similar frequency as yourself, better yet, from those who are completely different.

Dr. D. said...

Respec on reaching the year. I going over three now.

What keeps me going? The interaction...if nobody drop comments...rass site woulda lock down long time rude yute.

I feel many of the sentiments reflected in this post. Gracias fe de link. Keep blogging.

Abeni said...

Just yesterday I say my year went by without me being aware.I actualy thought i started same date as you but I realise it was a fe weeks before

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Yamfoot said...

I got started because of Ryan at and that was August 2003.

Good timing too. I was between Trinidad and Grenada so there were some interesting experiences to write about.

I think Mad Bull is the grandaddy of us all! And he highlights on his blog when other Caribbean bloggers come on stream.

Anonymous said...
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Radmila said...

Happy Blogaversary!
It sure is a great thing this blogging thing.
I've been lucky enough to actually meet some other bloggers in person, and made some friends that I would have never met otherwise.
I check in here on a daily basis, and I really do like your blog.
Who only knows what it's going to look like in another year.
Our blogs change with us.

Jdid said...

@camp - yep its only been a year,thanks
@4panist - thanks
@smallislandgirl - exactly , thanks
@KG - well KG welcome to blogworld and we hope you stay a while
@Dr D - thank you
@Abeni - naa I know you started before me for sure
@yamfoot - well yours was actually the first one I saw
@radmila - thank you

Mr. Righteous said...

Hey Jdid, discovered this by pure accident. Talk bout hidden talent thats you. I can understand how you feel when you dont seea recent post I've already gone through that when you miss that 5 days.
Congrats on a good year and dont stop man I look forward to it.

BajanSistren said...

Yuh know I always late but the sentiments are genuine...congrats on making yuh year, it has been very entertaining on this side of the fence.

Anonymous said...

what a kwinkydink - your the 3rd of some of my favorite blogs to have an aniversary just a few days apart (more than this and if you don't... must be that great minds, write great or something :-)

i'm still here, getting back into the groove!