Monday, August 30, 2004

Ah sick

sick like a dog den. I feel I gine dead lawd ave is mercy.

So what can I say. I had to stay home from work today because I was sick. Actually I don't even know what I'm doing sitting down in front of this computer because right now I'm feeling really achy and I'm going back in my bed right after I finished here.

But don't worry I aint dying yet. Probably just the flu bug that I caught. How I catch it you ask?

Either of two ways; the rain or the wife. Now as for my wife anytime the woman get sick its usually only a few days later that I will be sick too......And she gets sick regularly so you know everytime I hear her sniffling I have to start taking precautions like SARs hit my house. Quarantine she, put on the mask and the gloves and talk to she from across the room. Yea a lot of good that does. She was sick on Saturday and Sunday so I think I caught whatever it is she had. chupse! Is alright for the priest to get up there on his big pulpit and look down and talk about "in sickness and health" but he don't live in my house and this thing getting out of hand.

Not to put all the blame on the wife since she might actually read this a week from now and start cussing me but the second way for me to get sick is if I get wet in the rain. Something about the rain and me up in this place just don't agree. No problem with snow but let me get wet in the rain and more than likely I'm down for the count. So most days I usually take precautions and walk around with some sort of rain jacket regardless of the weather prediction but since my good jacket get mash up while I was moving pan racks I really aint got a good jacket ta take with me anymore so I was hoping it wouldn't rain this weekend. I mean the weather forecasters have been beyond terrible this summer. They predict rain, the sun outside bright, bright. They predict its going to be 28 degrees and we're lucky if it get past 14. I personally believe that they were in the back throwing darts at a board to determine what to say. So with that in mind I aint pay them no mind this weekend and what happen? I get wet Friday, I get wet Saturday and I get wet Sunday.

So lets say my illness is not completely unexpected. I was squeezed between the sick wife and the rain so from Saturday I had started taking precautions. I raise the code from an orange alert to a red. I drink echinesia, I drink coffee and lime, I drink rum, I drink cerasee tea. Well none of it worked and now today I was laid out flat on my back sneezing, coughing, achy and tired and taking over the counter medication.

I know I was fighting a losing battle from Sunday afternoon when I came home and realized that my appetite turn appe-slack. Then I start getting sniffly and then I started feeling achy. So I took some of that night time medicine thing that's supposed to make you feel better in the hope that by this morning I would be fine but nope nothing doing.


Abeni said...

Get that resistance up young man..Take your vitamins everyday! Doan mind me every other day I sick it and I gon catch it.Get better soon tho

Jdid said...

Thanks. Looks like day two isnt that much better for me so another day home from work.