Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Before Last night

I never died in a dream.

The actual dream started off the usual way. I was being chased by someone or the other. Yea I have those dreams a lot. Anyone knows what that's supposed to mean? This time I'm being chased by white supremacists. Yes those same dudes with the pickup truck that I saw in Scarborough yesterday. I don't know if they are actually white supremacists mind you but well they sure looked like a couple of extras from a Time to Kill when we saw them yesterday but that's another story and in my dream they played the role of white supremacists. Talk about stereotyping folk.

Apparently in dream world they were upset because I wanted to move into their neighborhood. Strange thing is there was a black guy with them chasing me and no he didn't look like Dave Chappell in case you've seen his skit with the black white supremacist. The black guy was asking them why they were after me and they let out the usual hoopla about first they move into our neighborhoods then they're sleeping with our sisters rah rah rah. Insert your own inbreeding joke. So he asks well why do you guys not chase me too cause I'm black to which they had some response which made sense both him and them in my dream but I cant really remember what it was.

Anyway to make a long boring story short, I'm being chased, I 'm jumping a fence, I get caught and I'm murdered somehow. I think it was stabbed and then I have this whole Phantom comic book like scene where this guy (not my son apparently) was promising to revenge my death and putting on a purple mask and then I wake up.

And in case you're wondering no I'm not on drugs!

Before last night I've never died in a dream. At least not that I can remember. Any of you ever died in a dream? Whenever I think about that I think about the Matrix movies. The Matrix is sort of like a dream isn't it? You are physically located in one spot while you believe you are doing stuff and having a life as you stroll down the corridors of your mind. People who die in the Matrix supposedly don't wake up in the real world because of the trauma associated with dying. So I guess dreams aren't really like the matrix after all or I'd be pushing up daisies and not writing this blog but then I should have figured that out a while back when I realized that in order to dream I don't ram a big spike into the back of my head. Duhhh!

I've got to start making a distinction between the real world and movies but until that time Scottie one to beam up!


Abeni said...

Yup,I actually died in a dream. It was pretty cool cos you get to see your funeral and all those people who hopefully are devastated at your death. But then it was good to wake up

Matt the Hat said...

I remember dieing in a dream once. I dreamed I'd been poisened. My senses failed my sight grew dim I felt myself folding to the floor.

I wasn't frightened and I knew clearly "I'm dieing". Dream world continued I guess without my consiusness in it becasue that gradually retuned to the real world.

I woke up quite annoyed and thaught something that translates as: "damn baster'ds kill'd me! I lost! Shit!" and then I went back to sleep.

As I recall I got to face a beat the self same pair of thugs in a dream later that night. Both times I was being a hero trying to resque some-one they had kidnapped.