Friday, August 20, 2004

I could a been a contender

That's what I think after watching some of the sprint heats at the Olympics.

I just finished watching the female 100m heats and there are just some folk there who should not be there. Take for instance this one heat with Gail Devers of the US and Veronica Campbell of Jamaica. There was some Somalian girl and this Afghan girl in that heat. Now I didn't expect anything of the Afghan girl because lets face it she's probably the first female athlete from that country and well if I really wanted to be mean I could make a joke about burkas but I wont. Anyway, I saw her best times and they weren't the greatest so like I said I wasnt really expectingmuch. Then I saw her at the starting lineup and she just looked like your average female on the street whilst the other runners looked all muscular and defined. I'm guessing testing her for steroids would be a waste of time but thats just a gut feeling. Still I did not expect that after 20m of the race the girl would be about 10m behind the rest of the field. At one point I thought she was going to be the first person to be lapped in a 100m race.

Then there was the Somalian girl who was equally as bad. CBC showed a replay of Devers from start to finish from the angle straight down the lane. Why is it that the Somalian girl start on the right of Devers and then somewhere in the middle of the race was on her left? The woman run cross 3 lanes of track! I know some people who cant walk straight to save their lives but when you in the Olympics I would hope you can run straight.

So if dem sorta people could make the Olympics I feel that with proper training I could reach olympic form.

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