Friday, August 20, 2004

Another Dream

So this one is a variation on one I've been having quite a bit lately. At least that was the impression I had when I woke up this morning. The events are real but the characters have been changed to protect their identity. ha ha ha

Not sure where it started but Jim (not his real name) entered the room hesitantly. Jim was the wickedly handsome brother who caused women to swoon at his very approach. His shirt hung off his bulging chest as he stepped as gingerly as a 6 foot muscular brother could into the room, which is to say not very gingerly at all. .......... oh wait a minute wrong story! Where was I again. Oh ok!

Not sure where it started I remember it from entering what appears to be a hotel room where I'm talking to one of my friends. I'll skip over this part since its rather vague but he or one of the two women with him is wearing a yellow robe decorated in thin streaks of blood and he tells someone to go take a shower to wash it off. I'm not sure what was happening there but it appeared that someone had gotten beaten up. However it wasn't either him or his companions

Then I find myself in a smoky bar. Loud nondescript music blaring, a mix of mostly forgettable characters interacting and I'm just strolling around with no obvious motivation. (What's my motivation for this scene again?) I may have stopped to talk to someone I know but I cant remember. Suddenly I look at the front door to the establishment and there is a fight going on with two guys. Most of the bar's inhabitants crawl their way to the incident but I decide to head for the back door as I'm not looking to be in any bar melee if things get out of hand.

I exit the club and I'm on what looks like Spadina Ave. On the outside, the bar looks like Grossman's but since I've never been inside I have no idea if their interior fits what I saw or not. As I start walking down the street I look back to see about 10-15 cops swoop down on the fight at the front of the building while a crew of bearded, leather jacketed, biker looking types stand around .

I hurry down the road and it is gradually changing from Spadina into the street I lived on in Barbados (almost said live on. Got to remember or accept that I don't live there anymore). I cross to the other side at some traffic lights. I guess the street is still more Spadina than Barbados at that point as there are no traffic signals on the street where I lived. On the other side of the street I start walking north (not sure how I know direction here but it felt like north) at which point I see these guys, maybe a group of 4 or 5, dressed all in black wearing black masks walking towards me. The street is completely transformed to the street I lived on in Barbados by now in case you are wondering and these guys are spread out across the street walking from my vantage point in a line.

These guys have a variety of tools in their hands, although I am not close enough to see the tools in detail, and are purposely striding down the street as if on a mission. At the same time they seem to be going over the details of this mission in rather loud voices which strikes me at that moment as a very last minute approach and not very professional at all. Regardless I feel a certain dread at their approach and run away down the middle of the street because I've seen these guys before in other dreams and for some reason I don't want them to either see me or catch up to me.

They don't chase after me as I run away but they proceed to a house at the bottom of my street,climb the step and attack the door with safe breaking tools as the bottom of the front door seems to be partially that of a grayish silver safe. Meanwhile the top of the door is just one of your regular types of old style Caribbean wooden house door with two pieces opening in the middle and each piece containing one big pane of some type of frosted or decorated glass which they could have easily broken to gain entry,

Still I don't have time to think about all of this as I'm still scared of them and afraid they will see me watching them. Then I wake up.

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