Sunday, August 15, 2004

Hip Hop Peace Concert

"With all that Big willie talk, hop you're playing yourself
With all that big gun talk, boy you're playing yourself
with all that rah rah rah, you're playing yourself
you're playing yourself, you're playing yourself"

So said Jeru da Damaja about 7 years ago and I couldn't help think about how relevant those lyrics are to hip-hop today. The 'real' hip hop has become lost or hidden as the culture of bling bling, big willie-ism, BET video promoted rap has gained prominence. Common said "I used ta love her" before all of this became mainstream and I personally still love her (hip hop) but sometimes I just get frustrated with what passes for hip hop these days.

I cant blame folks for hating on hip hop because without any further knowledge of the genre, what one hears these days is 99% crap. That's what gets airplay and video rotation and the money and popularity. Meanwhile real hip hop remains in the underground existing beneath the line of sight of the masses. A so it go!
Oh well, I could go on and on about this but although its Sunday I'm not here to preach.

"I'm your idol the highest title numero uno, I'm not a Puerto Rican but I'm speaking so dat ju no"
Special Ed

"I reminisce for a spell or should I say think back
22 years ago to keep it on track
the birth of a child on the 8th of October
A toast but my granddaddy came sober
to count all the fingers and the toes
So I suppose you hope the lil black boy grows
18 years younger than my momma
but I really got beatings cause the girl loved drama
In single parenthood there I stood
by the time she was 21 had another one
This one's a girl, lets name her Pam
same father as the first but he don't give a damn
irresponsible plain not thinking

papa said chill but the brother kept winking
still he wont down you or tear out your hide
on your side while the baby maker slides"
CL Smooth

Yesterday I went to the second day of the hip hop peace concert held in Toronto. It was amazing! Well everything besides the screeching of the two hosts. Someone please next time turn down the treble on those ladies. yikes!

Besides that though it was nice to be immersed in the culture of hip hop. Dj's spinning, scratching and cutting the records, b-boys breaking and my favorite the mcs rocking the microphone. No fake gangsterism, or talk about how much 'ice', platinum, designer gear or big cars with satellite tv, and video games in the dashboard someone has. No rented mansions with pool parties featuring girls in skimpy bikinis.

Much love to all the acts that I saw yesterday Masia One, Subliminal, Code Blue, Dan-e-o & Lindo P, Cl smooth, Pangea Project, Special Ed, Jeru da Damaja, Lil Dap , Mc Colliziun. Everyone of these acts put it down for real hip hop. Much respect to Masia for her comment about Flow 93.5 FM sponsoring this show but the local artists on the show not being able to gett any play on that station. She really hit the nail on the head with that one.

Pangae Project, Dan-E-O your performances made you at least one new fan yesterday. Keep on doing what ya doing.

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