Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Ever wonder

about words and expression? For instance, as human beings we have the capacity to edit ourselves before actually conveying an expression be it verbally or otherwise. In order words what I think isn't necessarily what I say. Someone may say something I don't particularly like and my immediate thoughts may be rather hostile towards that person but what I actually convey to them may be just a smile or shrug or a laugh. Rather strange when you think about it isn't it.

Can the other animals do this? What happens when the head lion in the pride roars and orders one of the younger lions to go run after a giraffe and the younger lion thinks to himself why don't you do it yourself. Is this what the younger lion immediately says in response or does he have the ability to pretend that he's happy to complete the task since he knows that not doing this will just lead to him getting beaten up?

And as humans does having this ability to edit ourselves make things easier on us or does it just complicate things by giving others false impressions as to our true feelings.

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Abeni said...

Editing yourself can be viewed as being tactful. sometimes if we follow our first impulse it can lead into paths we never intended. So sometimes the best course of action is to just shrug it off. Of course there will be times when you will sanitize your first thought but the reciever will stil lget the gist of what you are saying.

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