Saturday, August 28, 2004

Dream 3

Another crazy dream. Must have been all of that food I ate at the Ex yesterday. Oh well. Remember the last one?

I don't remember as much of this one as the last one but here goes. I'm walking up a paved sidewalk on a hill pushing a shopping cart like a homeless person and two guys who went to primary school with me catch up to me while pulling a huge container up the hill. I mean a huge container like the ones pulled by those big 18 wheeler trucks. We chat for a bit, we got around the corner it gets fuzzy from there.

Next I"m in St Mikes Hospital. No idea how I know its St Mikes since I've never actually been there but I just do. There are a whole bunch of people including myself in one room like we were at a meeting or protesting or something of the sort. The room has a big glass window which opens up onto a corridor and another room with what looks like a bunch of electronic equipment. For some reason I assume that's the room that organizes the ambulance and paramedic calls.

At some point this one guy standing alone in the corridor just loses it and starts throwing stuff into the room with the electronic equipment. He then goes into the room and starts destroying the equipment. Two guys run out of the meeting, somehow I know that they are supervisors or management and they are going to stop the guy from trashing the place. Or at least that's what I think. Talk about excessive force, they subdue the guy and then continue to beat him up and kick him around. So I run out the door with two or three women (they take the lead mind you) to try to stop these supervisors from killing the first guy. (sorry rather confusing as we didn't stop to exchange names)

As we enter the equipment room, the two supervisors run out through a window to the outside. Two of the women pursue them and the great mass of persons in the main room start to pour into the room with the equipment. I am holding the injured guy's head and he is unconscious and looks like he is in pretty bad shape. I grab a phone and call 911 only to get one of my friends on the line. Whoops wrong number! I said oh I was trying to get 911 sorry I'll call you back. To which the person responds ok fine I guess you're just another one of my friends who deserted me.

As I write this I realize I was at a hospital so why was I calling 911 but then I think oh yea there was some protest type stuff going on so maybe that's why I did it.

Anyway I finally get the real 911 , tell them what's happening, they agree to send someone but then suddenly a serious melee breaks out around me. Fists, feet and chairs are flying. Some dude is standing on a desk swinging a chair at me which I partially block and we wrestle for the chair. It breaks I have a piece he has a piece and we are going at it like those fake wrestling guys. He hits me I shake it off an hit him, I hit him he shakes it off and hits me. Then I wake up.


Abeni said...

What's her name not keeping you busy enough thats why you have time to dream so much eh:)

Anonymous said...

You really had too much to eat at the Ex or you been at the bottle again! I also agree dat de madam aint keeping yuh busy enough at night imagine she gine yuh time to dream - chupse!

Abeni said...

By the way how did you find my blog..I curious

Jdid said...

Found your blog in a rather round about way I think. Have been reading Yammie's for months, saw a link to Bootsie's awhile back and from there I found yours.

But wait I cant have no time ta sleep an dream atall :)

Abeni said...

Too much time to dream:)..So u on Caribbean too?

Jdid said...

ya might have even seen me picture. :)

Abeni said... u was on the curry goat game nah..R or D..which one r u:)

Jdid said...

Wow good detective work. its D