Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I well vex

I aint see it yet but I hear dat Perdita fall down in the 100m hurdles. The one great medal hopeful that Canada had this Olympics gone an fall down at the first hurdle. I mention her before here when I was talking about how Canadian athletes are not living up to expectations. I really thought she was going to be the one to live up to the hype. So now I vex.

First off I didnt want to talk about Olympics today, I was trying to avoid the topic completely. Even when I was watching Usain Bolt mess up his chances in the 200m I say 'alright boy remain calm ya aint got to write bout the Olympics' but now this one track hope that Canada had gone and mess up. Another runner of Caribbean heritage not living up to expectations. Is like the West Indies cricket team infect track or something. I cant deal wid this sorta thing. They messing up my zen.

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Abeni said...

That one was heartbreaking,You gotta feel for the Russian who lost her chance because of the accident.I nearly cry for poor Perdita.All your dreams just evaporate so eh