Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The day after Tomorrow

I watched that movie on Monday night , well actually just parts because all I wanted to see was the special effects. Storyline was quite crappy.

Anyway boy it look like we having a real Day after Tomorrow type year in the Caribbean this year. Hurricanes, Earthquakes , Floods a fella just cant get a break.

First we had the hurricanes that lik down Grenada, Caymans, Haiti and parts of Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Now we have an earthquake that hit Dominica (someplace different from the Dominican Republic fa all wunnah dat doan know) and Guadaloupe this week and it seems like the torrential rains not stopping at all in Barbados this week and since everybody know Barbados flat flat flat is only a matter of time before the whole place flood away,

Boy Caribbean people musse wicked bad to be encouraging this sort of wrath from God. Is smite ya get smite nuh? Liks in ya backside! No but seriously it just as the saying goes when it rains it pours and in Barbados' case literally. Its just been one natural disaster after another. And God forbid that the underwater volcano Kick Em Jenny ever decide to erupt because all a we in the Eastern Caribbean goose cook.

Lawd ave mercy!


Abeni said...

Nuff rain here too the past 2 weeks.Some areas had bad lanslides and a few houses got damaged.Don't even mention that volcano because that will be too much dammage.

Angry Dog said...

I've been thinking the same thing JDid. Matter of fact, I'm quite worried in my neck of the woods, since we've been having nothing but rainstorms all the time. Lord help us!


Anonymous said...

Yeah JDid...I nuh know what a gwaan. In addition, when me went Tobago dem had flood rains there too...three people nuh dead sah! Nutten but adverse weather everywhere. Global warming....bwoy, I doh know! Dr. D.