Saturday, November 20, 2004

Rainy Saturday

As I sip from my sorrel tea and relax I'm just going to drop a few lines. Right now I'm listening to some old dancehall Pocoman Jam, Maddy Maddy Cry, Hot this year and Mr Levy's Dancehall Rock. Its going to be a busy day today. Actually already has been. So far this morning I've re-potted 4 or 5 house plants, seasoned some chicken for dinner tomorrow and started a bit of laundry. Yep I'm straight domesticated.

Actually kind of like the plant stuff. I think its a reflection of my upbringing as both my godmothers were some serious plant persons. Its interesting what you learn while not really paying attention but now I think I've almost like this stuff. Like when we bought the last plant, think it was a croton, my wife suggested that we get the plant people to repot it for us. Sacrilege! I was seriously offended. lol. Anyway, right now I'm more into the house plants than the outside stuff though maybe because I can grow some tropical type stuff indoors. I'll leave the outdoor plants to wifey ...And since she's going to be out there anyways maybe I can throwin the lawn no extra cost.

Also been listening to Eminem's new album, its not that bad. Not classic but better than the last one. He seems a bit less cocky on this one though and I'm not sure that's going to help his image. Actually at times he just seems to be really apologetic which really doesn't play well in hip hop. Oh well, overall about 3 mics maybe 3 and a half if I'm going by the way the Source rates stuff.

Anyway about to run off to Steel Pan class in a bit. Got a recital in three weeks. Nope I'm not the musician in the family but its fun and the Steel Pan is a really sweet instrument. Right now I"m learning to play the tenor pan but I learned to play the Double Alto earlier this year. I'll give you all a bit of inside info; if you want to learn to play then the tenor is way easier than any other instrument. Double Alto sounds better though but its tough. Got to find my sticks.

So pan class will take up the bulk of my day then I've got a birthday party for a friend to attendlllllllllll. Should be nice because these events are the only time I see certain folk. So its a night of dominos and apparently we got some reggae kareoke cds so "once selector fe select some big tune fe me, I man fe chat nuff lyric pun de mic dem. seen! lawd a mercy, wunna 'ear me!" once I've had a drink or two that is lol.

Still kind of pissed about yesterday. Its actually funny because it takes alot to get me pissed. I'm usually Mr yea whatever, no emotion and I kind of like that so now I'm mad at myself for being mad. Silly aint it. Oh well.

Anyways going to go get ready to bounce. And gonna take my Pete Rock, Ed OG cd which I bought because my man told me the tracks were nice. If they aint I'm looking for a refund kid. Just kidding!

Hope everyone is safe out in cyber land.

One love.


Abeni said...

Yup,steel pan real real nice.I always wanted to join by school band but too many irons in the fire.I glad to see you have emotion:)

Anonymous said...

Steel Pan class.... that should be irie JDid.

Doh let the asswipe from yesterday make you feel pissed Bajan, most of the Bajans I know really cool like cucumber, takes plenty to get dem riled up.

Hope you enjoyed the lime...a few drinks always does the trick! Dr. D.