Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Guess who's bisazzz

Yep. Got connected this morning. Easiest thing in the world to do actually but the new ISP thought it best to send out a techie to connect the modem. I guess I usually over-estimate the tech savvy of the average man on the street.

Anyway the move was successful. I am now currently in my new house. First house actually so I guess most folk see it as a major stepping stone in life. I'm more like yeahh whatever. Guess I am a master of the understated.

But yet the move was great. Good mad help from my people so I gotta give them love. I mean most of these dudes were playing dominos till 4 or 5am Sunday morning but still showed up at my door at 10 am to help me lift and move stuff. So yea I gotta give everyone who helped out or offered to help madd love. Much respect!

Sorry if I'm rambling today (like anyone would think something is different since I usually ramble) but I'm feeling kind of weird at the new setup. This corner just doesn't feel like a creative corner at the moment. Either that or not sitting at a computer for the last .........Wait a minute whoops I know what it is...Monitor is too close to me and on the wrong side as well. Ahh that's better.

Anyway what was I saying. Oh yea, the move went well and now I'm renting from the bank and living in the burbs. Me, Mr city living in the suburbs. Say it aint so. Chatting with neighbors, raking leaves (just finished and man is that a lot of work), me on a quiet residential street. I cant stand it already.

I've got to change my whole persona; wear a tie, say howdy to Bob instead of giving him my ice cube grill, vote conservative, buy a SUV, live in Home Depot, Rona and Canadian Tire (actually can I say that I'm already in love with those stores especially Rona), talk about grout, drywall and hardwood floors, lawns and backyards, buy a dog, have 2.5 kids , ahhhhhhh stop the madness already!

Actually it was funny the reaction I got from most folk when they heard I was buying a house. Not that I had to deal with haters or anything, infact I think most folk were genuinely happy for me but still I did get some strange comments. Comments like "well its about time" and "I'm glad to see you are making a commitment to Toronto." Whoa hold on commitment to Toronto? I didn't know I was seen a s a flight risk. Would a judge deny me bail because he thought I was going to skip the country? Did it appear that my bags were packed and I was ready to skip town? Wow! Talk about perceptions.

To tell the truth when I heard these comments I began to think maybe I was ready to skip town fter all but now this house has got me bound here. Man I feel like Kunta Kinte after they chopped off his foot. I'm grounded.

Yea right! If anything these guys have the wrong perception. Maybe buying the house will get me out of here sooner than I planned. Maybe I'll just get so frustrated with sweeping leaves and shovelling snow and all that good stuff that I'll bounce out of the place.

Anyway back to unpacking and building stuff.


Angry Dog said...

Now Jdid, you need to play nicely my friend! BTW, do elaborate on how exactly one goes about having 0.5 of a child? :). Congrats on the move still least I know where I'll be sleeping when I visit Toronto next! Speaking of SUV, are the gas prices as exorbitant in Canada as they are in the US?


Abeni said...

A little enthusiasm would be nice you know:)Still good to hear things went good and we look forward to the 2.5 kids

nahmix said...

I'm glad you're back up and running smoothly! Congrats on the house!!!

Jdid said...

Thanks guys. how ya mean play nice dog?

obifromsouthlondon said...

didy good on you sir. I bought my yard not long ago and you do get the freedom to do what you want (decoration, garden etc). Keep the women and parents happy. show and improve your lot. big commitment for about-time dudes.

The sticker is the mortgage terms that seem to run forever (of course you could be well off and bought it outright). Kunta's got kindred in us.

Dont mind the haters - but do keep that one bag packed in case the rap war jumps off (shut up obi).

Raise a glass for us people who aint gonna be able to make the house warming.

Jammy said...

Lawd yuh could be glad nuh....when you get aroumnd to making that 0.5 child do let us now.....You must ahve a whole blog dedicated to the process..Congrats

Jdid said...

buy outright? naa son my pockets are flat. i'm renting from the bank for the next 20-25 years.

but yea the bag is packed, and the passport is handy.

jammy, dog so wunnah never hear that the average family got 2.5 kids . its the suburban dream. but if i end up wid half a chile it aint mine, i going on maury to prove paternity.

Burke said...

Glad to see you're back online, and congrats again on your new home. I can relate to the raking of leaves, and all that other stuff that goes along with the whole suburbia lifestyle. In a few months you'll be outside doing some spring cleaning and planting.