Friday, November 26, 2004

yada yada yada

Just some random items/ stuff wandering around in my head.

Item #1
So conversation overheard at the gym last night

Guy #1: So when's the last time you sweat?
Guy #2: Last night
Guy #1 with a twinkle in his eye: ouuuuh!
Guy #2: New positions
Guy #1: You'll have to show me sometime. ha ha ha

Is it me or was that somehow a tad bit disturbing. I mean I don't want to get ban from traveling to London like them want do wid Buju and man like Vybz but still something not right deyso. That's all I'm saying.

Item #2
Why is it that some women with no assets persist in wearing low rise jeans? I aint implying nothing too serious here just asking a question dat is all. By no assets I aint just mean that your backside aint big or as curved as J-lo. No I mean when it completely devoid of curvature, like when ya could draw a straight line down ya back straight down ya backside all the way down your legs. Dem aint fictionnnnnnnnnnn the pants drop down roun dem ankles if them walk too fast.

Item #3
All the talk about ham over at the Doc's website mek me go in the supermarket last night to do some advanced scouting on my Christmas ham. So far the pickings aint as bad as last time but I aint truly satisfied. The search continues...I will keep allya informed. All the talk got me craving sorrel too. Going to buy a package this afternoon in Kensington Market. Actually I might have some here but you can never have too much of a good thing.

Item #4
Started back playing squash despite all the aches and pains. Got to try to stay in shape. Strangely enough haven't gained weight with all the crap I ate whilst moving (fries, burgers and pizza for about a week) but the overall appearance could be better. This year has been terrible for my health actually. Between injuries and illnesses I haven't been able to get a decent run in the gym at all. I getting old, boy. Its all downhill from here.

Item #5
Stayed up late last night to watch the Lakers vs Sacramento game. Lakers lost yeaaahh! Man they look pretty terrible. Its like Kobe and scrubs.

Item #6
Had our first snowfall in the new home. Luckily it wasn't much and it melted quickly. Not looking forward to shovelling at all

Item #7
Have always been a fan of the Strictly the Best reggae cds from VP ...until last year when they condensed it down to one cd (#31 if you're keeping count) a year. It seemed rushed and not as vibrant as the previous offerings. Still I bought this years offering yesterday. So far I'm not even sure if I've heard half the songs on there. I think VP records needs to go back to the drawing board on this concept. Could say more but will save this for its own post.

Item #8
Holy crap! Having a house in a Toronto suburb means getting a million flyers in your mail at least twice a week. I mean seriously its just incredible. I got like a good 20-30 flyers in my mailbox yesterday. Good gosh people think about the environment.


Abeni said...

Lol..Item 1 funny..But why you have to be listening in on the people convo eh..Real West Indian man

Anonymous said...

Hail JDid.

Item 1. Yeah, suppem nuh sound too right wid the sweat argument deh at all. Careful dem naw eyes you pon de quiet! :-)

Item 2. Hear you 'bout the low rider jeans. What also gets me is the ones who wear the short blouses that show up de belly here. No problem when it reasonably flat, but seems to me, the bigga de belly, the shorter de blouse! Ugh!

Item 3. Good luck wid the quest for a ham. Mek me know how it turn out. Respec fe de link!

Item 4. Exercise. Only nuh do none since hurricane Ivan!

Have a irie weekend. Dr. D.

Jdid said...

boy some of the stories I could tell you about that gym.

Actually yesterday besides the conversation as I was walking back from the shower I see a open locker with a magazine in it with the title "the gayest sports magazine". lawd a mercy ya shudda see how fast i dress an get outta de place. :-)

nahmix said...

Item 1: Oh my, it sounds like someone walked into the twilight zone...LOL!!!
Item 5: I lived in LA for 7 years and I never jumped on the Lakers bandwagon! I'm glad they lost to the Kings.
Item 6: We got our first snow here in Chicago this weekend too! Then it rained...go figure!

Anonymous said...

JDid, you better watch you back rude bwoy! Especially when you a shower! Dr. D.

4panist said...

glad to see you slipped in that comment about the environment. Our society has become so wasteful. Everytime I see an add for a disposible toilet cleaner, disponsable face wash, disposable cleaning product it makes me want to scream. Are we beyond the point of using a dust rag or face clothe?? sorry for the venting, gotta remember this is your blog :)