Friday, November 19, 2004


Crush, Kill, Destroy, Stress
Organized Konfusion - Stress

I'm vexed, fumin, I've had it up to here
Phife - Scenario
Just had to deal with someone I didn't want to deal with. My former super. Sigh! (ok before you go any further I'll apologize if my language is a bit colorful but I'm really upset right now and I wanted to let off some steam)

Went to turn in my keys for the apartment, had to clean up the place and all that before doing that so I've kept them for a while, and knew that it was going to be some b.s with this dude.

First thing, I knew he was starting to act a fool from the day I went to reserve the elevator for the move. Usually folk reserve the service elevator for like 3-4 hrs, he was giving me grief for wanting it for two hours on a Sunday. He was on some shit about how we will be waking up folk with the move and he's had complaints about people moving on the weekend. I said fine but recognize that the weekend is the only time that you can generally get your friends to help you move and its not like we've asking for the elevator at 7 in the morning, we're starting around 10. Anyway very grudgingly he allowed us to use the elevator. Anyway that was my first sign that he was out to cause me stress. He said we had to come get the elevator put on service at 10 precisely because he was busy that day. Fine, we followed the rules, wasn't trying to cause any drama.

Ok, as we finished the loading of the van we got him to take the elevator off service. Still not trying to cause any ruckus. So then he sees this old wooden futon frame that we brought down which was broken and which we wanted to throw in the garbage. We were leaving it behind the elevator by the recycling bins where everyone else was leaving their old furniture and stuff. Nope, cant leave it there he says, if not he will charge us for moving it. Have to call the City and arrange pick up. Again , no drama, wifey was visibly upset by this b.s but we played it off like ok cool. We're moving so whatever.

Anyway we cleaned the apartment a couple of days after the move. Did a pretty bang up job of it too I might add. Only probably forgot to clean the oven but considering that in the process of cleaning the fumes from all the cleaning agents almost killed me literally and I am now on medication because of that shit then what's one f'in oven versus my health.

Also I called the City and guess what they said? Oh all you have to do is leave the frame outside and when we come to pick up the garbage we'll get another truck to come grab it for you, no problem. See no worries. No need to be overly dramatic.

So we moved the futon and awaited pickup.

Ok fast forward to today. I come in to return the keys and dude starts off about my leaving the frame. I told him I called the City as you told me to and this is what they told me to do. He starts with this whole line about the building getting fined and they will charge me for leaving garbage rah rah rah. Oh and going on about maybe I can go and break it up and put it in the garbage. Look guy I know I don't dress in no suit and tie but I'm on my way to work, I am not dressed to go behind some garbage and try to break apart anything at the moment. The City said they would pick it up so I'm leaving it.

Anyways so I'm still like ok you know what I followed the instructions, so if there is an issue just give me the property manager's number and let me talk to him because obviously you are pursuing a line that isn't seeing my point about following the instructions. I mean I'm wondering what all this is about. I've never done dude anything, been nothing but courteous to this guy, haven't been a pain about fixing stuff, haven't been causing any drama in the building, but since we turned in our notice dude's been mad hostile.

Anyway guy continues on, all but ignoring me, getting ready to mop the lobby or something while I'm still waiting to get this over with so I exhale and inquire are we going to do this or what cause you are being mad disrespectful and like you I have a job to do so lets get this over because I have places to be.

So we go do the inspection of the apartment. Now the guy is going on about this needs cleaning and that needs cleaning although we all know they aint going to do jack before the next tenants come in. I'm like what the !!! You are trying to make it seem that we left the place a pig sty! Come on now, we left the place in a hell of a better condition than we got it. We cleaned everything down, I patched even the frigging nail holes in the walls , we swept, moped, dumped garbage, cleaned fridge. Aside from the Oven the place is on point. So we got into an argument about the state of the apartment and I'm standing there with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand daydreaming about what would happen if I was Mary Woodson, the hot chocolate was a bowl of grits and he was Al Green. F'it I've been so pissed I just realized I forgot to eat my bagel. Son of a !!

Anyways thank God I'm a peaceful brother because this bitch was on last nerve and I was able to refrain from doing something I'd regret later. Too many black men in jail already son, so just breathe! Just stay cool, he's just being an asshole, but he's not messing with me or my fam physically so I'm going to let it slide. So, he wrote down his crap, I questioned him on it, I got the building managers number, I handed in my keys, its done.

Someone just asked me how much of the drama I think was racially motivated and you know what although I cant prove it and I'm not one to cry wolf or nigga at every incident I cant deny that I got the strong feeling that there definitely was a bit if not alot of that involved. Anyways cant prove shit so f' it, shit happens, we survive. We livin this til the day that we die, Survival of the fit only the strong survive.

Forget Industry Rule 4080, its not just record company people who are shady. To all the shiesty landlords and supers. f' all yall.


Campfyah said...

Well muh brother, it's all part of the rat race of life. There may have been some hint of racism or maybe he just vex dat you come after him and moving on and he still gotta stand dey and mop floors and do garbage police (I guess dah might be called classism). Yuh know how some people can be. So tek it easy and know dat you going home tuh yuh own lanlord/Super tonight.

Burke said...

Sounds like he's a real jerk to me. Glad you were able to keep your cool and not punch him out even though you may have felt like doing so. Nothing like being your own landlord, so hang in there 'cause you don't have to mop anybody else's floors but your own from now on.

Abeni said...

Landlord just wanted to pull a little rank.Doan mind he,when all is said and done you going home to your place.

Anonymous said...

Good you kept your cool JDid, sounds he was really being an asswipe fuh real. Nutten like you own place where anything goes. If he was being racist....won't be the first or last one to dish out such shyte..screw all o dem racist bastards!

No need to apologize 'bout the cuss words, sometimes they are the only ones that work in certain situations. Peace. Dr. D.