Friday, November 05, 2004

Packing and Blogging

Well managed to get my home internet turned back on until Sunday but I'm moving Sunday morning so I'll be without connection in the new spot for at least three days.

Anyway its pretty amazing what stuff you find while packing. I found my whole stash of bills (including some very scary, scary phone bill), maps, and various newspaper clippings from when I was in Dubai in 99. There was one newspaper clipping in particular that I found really funny when I was there and I told a bunch of folk about it but could never find it ......until now. The problem was I remembered the story as being really big when it was just a very small three paragraph article written in small print.

So I figured I'd share it because to me it was actually kind of funny and a bit silly. Oh should mention it was a clipping from the Khaleej Times newspaper which was to me the better of the two or three local newspapers available in the emirate. I believe the article is from sometime in September or October 1999). Oh and I copied this article exactly as it was written except I removed the name of the deputy head.

So here goes:

Candy-Floss Ban

Dubai Municipality has ordered withdrawal of all kinds of cotton candy (candy-floss) locally called Al Manfoosh from the market, according to the deputy head of the Food Control Section in the municipality.

In a Press release issued yesterday, he said that the cotton candy was banned in the emirate after many analyses and tests carried out by the municipality showed that it contained coloured sugar which could be dangerous to public health, especially children.

The deputy head said that it has been noticed that when children ate candy, they stopped eating other healthy food as this candy reduced appetite. It also caused tooth decay because it contains high percentage of sugar.


Angry Dog said...

Hmmm, very interesting--banning cotton candy. I think they should ban some of the sweets and junk food that many Jamaicans (and especially Americans) are living on! Hope the moving is going well and yes, you do find many interesting things when you're moving!


obifromsouthlondon said...

damn I need to move house. my likkle yout is growing at an alarming pace.

Funny how you find the oddest things when you're moving (and some you have to quickly get rid of). and you always seem to have more junk to pack.

Have a nice move and get connected quick time. Are we really all net junkies??

Abeni said...

Yup..don't fight it:)