Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Nope no election stuff here but I will play miss cleo for the NBA today.

I know everyone else in the world is going to be caught up in Bush vs Kerry but I just thought I'd go a different route as the season starts tonight.

So much has changed since the season ended. Kobe was acquitted, apologized and then resigned with the Lakers, Shaq made a splash in the big pool in Miami , T Mac is playing with Yao in Houston and Dallas lost Nash, Walker and Jameison. But alas some things remained the same too, Detroit is still strong, Vince is still a punk , Kobe is still stupid and selfish and Isaiah is still trying to build a champion in New York by addition without the requisite subtraction. Oh well!

Anyway I decided I'd make some NBA predictions before the season starts. First the easy ones;

  • Shaq will not play all the regular season games.
  • Kobe will hog the ball from his teammates.
  • Some NBA player will end up paying child support.
  • Some NBA player will demand a trade saying he wants to play on a winning team and management isn't trying to put together a winning franchise so he wants out. This despite him being paid more than the GDP of many small states.
  • Some player will have a criminal charge brought up against him.
  • Faulty measurements will continually be given for shorter NBA players. Yea like Damon Stoudamire was ever even close to 5'11".
  • I will not be signed to consecutive 10 day contracts by the Charlotte Bobcats, hence I will be unable to use Dave Chappell's slogan of 'I'm rich beeeeetch!'

OK that's done with now onto the hard stuff. Crystal ball don't fail me now.
  • Detroit repeats as Champs
  • Western conference champs will be Sacramento
  • Scoring leader will be Kobe Bryant
  • Vince Carter will not be traded till season's end
  • Jason Kidd will be traded by December
  • The Raptors will make the playoffs (you heard it here first) with a 43-39 record
  • Allan Iverson will cuss someone (Actually this should be in the easy section)
  • First coach fired will be Lenny Wilkins in New York
  • Some player will finally buy a car with rims bigger than the actual car.
  • NBA posses will be scaled back to an average of 4.378 members per player. This rule will actually be a sticking point in the negotiation of the next collective agreement leading to a lockout. The two sides are just divided over whether players with smaller than average posses can pass on their additional posse space to players who are over the limit.
  • Shaq will shoot over 60% from the freethrow line (ok now that's just delusional thinking on my part)


bushcoolie said...

Leh we ease off Vince fuh a moment, d man came to camp in good spirits and seems happy to be a Raptor, i think the Raps will make the playoffs as well, i don't know if they will be 43-39, i figure they'll be right around .500, they might end up under .500 and still make the playoffs!

Houston will defintely be dangerous in the West, infact, they should be the early favourites now that Shaq isn't in L.A. and Dallas lost many of their quality players including their floor general, Steve Nash.

I think Kobe will tear the league up this year, he feels like he has something to prove(although he doesn't, not on the court anyway), i think he wants a championship without Shaq more than anything else in this world! Expect him to be MVP this year, L.A. should make the playoffs, they have a pretty solid team even without Shaq, Lamar Odom will step up this year, they've got Brian Grant, Devean George, Kareem Rush - filled with potential, big head Vlade Divac, Karl Malone is still there, Medvedenko.

Lakers should compete in the weakened West!

Jdid said...

I like Vince and I feel he knows that this year is crucial for his career. He has to prove to the rest of the NBA once again that he is a marquee player because he is being outshone by the Mcgrady's and the youngsters like Carmelo and Lebron have more hype now. Vince has to be focused this year.