Saturday, September 04, 2004

Arrogance and Ignorance

Let me tell you all the facts. First I don't like Kobe Bryant. Never have, probably never will. Maybe it was his skipping high school to go straight to the pros bypassing a college education. Naa that's not it. Maybe its because he is a Laker and I have disliked that franchise from 'when me was a likkle yout'. Maybe its his arrogance and selfishness on the court. Maybe its his ego getting in the way of his continuing his successful partnership with Shaq. Maybe its all of the above and more but whatever it is I just don't like the man.

Ok that out of the way here is the next fact. I don't know anything more about what happened between Kobe and the woman in Colorado than the rest of the public. I could surmise on what happen and I may somewhere along the line here but I don't have the facts because I wasn't there.

Now everybody and their mama know by now that the case was thrown out just as the jury was being selected, about a year after the incident, after much money was spent by the state to bring this to trial.

Then Kobe issue this statement:
"Although I truly believe this encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way I did. ............... I now understand how she feels that she did not consent to the encounter"

What the hell does this mean? Sounds like an admission of guilt to me. Absolutely silly statement. Maybe this statement was part of the agreement he reached with the girl and her lawyers to drop the case but still that statement just screams guilt.

Now I know that some people are like I should be glad that Kobe got off free because he is a black man like me. Alright he is a black man and I am a black man but that may be where the similarities end. Do I have to believe that he is innocent regardless of the evidence to the contrary because he is black? He is rich and maybe the girl set him up that is possible too so maybe I'm glad that if he is innocent he wasn't railroaded like many other black men out there but Kobe has the money to insure that he can buy justice. Most of us black men cant do that. If most of us black men issued a statement like the one he did our butts would be locked up.

Ok that is as close to defending him as I will get and you can tell that's not really close. So let me go on the offensive. Kobe Bryant let his arrogance and indeed his ignorance get him into this situation. These black athletes live their sheltered, pampered lives then they get in trouble and all us black men are supposed to jump in line once this race card is flashed. Utter nonsense. Like Mc Lyte said "I'm just not having it".

To tell you the truth they almost had me though. The knee jerk reaction is to jump into line but this time forget it.

Anyway I started this two days ago and was supposed to continue but now I think this issue was silly so I done wid dat. doan mind me.

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Abeni said...

Yeah he should be jailed for stupidity if nothing else. How stupid you have to be to not realise that you could be getting set up and yet still walk right into it.This is the same Kobe who went on tv to tell the girls to stay away once he geot engaged. Pity he couldn't keep his own advice as he would be a lot wealthier now. As far as am concerned he bought himself a good defence..his name is Kobe and he got the tools to intimidate and pressure anybody.And of course he looks better than Mike in a suit( no wonder Mike did time and Kobe and Oj Walked) Sometimes image is everything eh.