Friday, September 24, 2004

Haiti I'm sorry

Haiti I'm sorry
We misunderstood you
But one day we'll turn our head
and look inside you
Haiti I'm sorry
Haiti I'm sorry
but one day we'll turn our heads
restore your glory

David Rudder 1988

Nothing's really changed since David Rudder uttered those words about Haiti 16 years ago. If anything then things may have gotten worse. 1200 plus dead in flooding due to Hurricane Jeanne, another 2500 missing. Food scarce, dead bodies in the streets, illnesses starting, clean water unavailable. All this coming in a few months after the overthrow of Jean Bertrand Aristide the President of the country.

Prior to this we had many years of unrest , prior to this we had the strangulation of the country under Baby and Papa Doc Duvalier. This country just cant seem to catch a break.

Lets recap for those keeping score

* 1791-1803 Revolution, Rebellion. Toussainte L'overture leads the country to independence. Its been all downhill ever since.
* 1807-1820 Civil War
* 1838 France makes Haiti pay 150 million Francs in exchange for recognizing Haitian independence. Can you imagine what that would be in today's money? No wonder the place is so poor.
* 1915 US invasion
* 1934 US withdraws
* 1957 Dr Francoise Duvalier aka 'Papa Doc' wins a dubious election to become President
* 1964 Papa Doc declares himself President for life and forms his terror squad the Tonton Macoutes. His regime saw the killing and exiling of thousands.
* 1971 Papa Doc dies and his son Jean Claude aka 'Baby Doc' takes over the President for Life title.
* 1986 After 15 years of murders, exiling his enemies, robbing the country blind and a regime which saw the start of the boat people leaving for Florida, Baby Doc is forced to flee the country to France. Should have been the start of something good for the Haitian People but alas nothing has really changed.
* 1986-2004 Nothing really changes besides the regimes who change many many times. Still no light at the end of the tunnel for Haiti.
* 2004 President Aristide forced into exile, Hurricane Jeanne hits.

Some folk just cant catch a break.

Haiti I'm sorry.


Abeni said...

You beat me to it.That was to be the subject of a post.What can I say eh? These people must be wondering when they can catch a break.I can't even begin to imagine the states of their minds.Very sad

Jdid said...

There doesnt seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel here.

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