Friday, September 24, 2004

Fast and Furious

Not talking about the movie. I'm talking about folks who have difficulty walking and who are given motorized scooters/walkers. Now I know this may sound harsh as these people are incapacitated and we should feel some of their pain or at least have some pity for them but I just cant stand the way these folks drive their motorized walkers across the sidewalks. They are for the most part irresponsible. They drive at speeds too fast for the sidewalk and pedestrians are often forced to hop out of their way as they barrel down the pavement.

If a bicyclist was on the sidewalk dashing around at those speeds there would be a lot of cursing and anger but because these guys are in motorized walkers and we feel some emotion towards them they get away with this crime. Its only a matter of time till they cause a serious accident on the sidewalk as one pedestrian leaps out of the way but the pedestrian behind him doesn't have enough time and is knocked down.

Another issue in my urban scape which annoys me is something I have only begun to notice recently. Parents of toddlers and babies walking around with their children while smoking. You are pushing the stroller or holding the baby with one arm while the other holds a cigarette which you puff at intervals. Should this young child be subjected to the second hand smoke which causes cancer in grown folk? Are you a good parent by smoking that close to your child ? I think not!

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Abeni said...

They know they can do it and get away with it because we would seem so insensitive if we were to take issue with it.Probably if it is highlighted that they are inconveniencing others then the incidents may be reduced