Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Ok my wife says last blog was too long so I'll make this one longer.

Now I used to read quite a bit so to save some cash I've actually subscribed to some magazines; sports, politics, music etc. Now why is it that the only magazine subscriptions I've had issues with are the ones from the magazines that deal with black issues or cater mainly to us black folks? I'm not calling any names but last year I had a subscription to one magazine and they definitely had issues with delivering my subscription. At one point I received three copies of one issue, I received other issues late and I'm pretty sure even after complaining I didn't get my full 12 month subscription. So I said forget them and if I need to buy an issue I'll just get it off the newsstand.

Fast forward to this year. Did I learn my lesson? Nope!

There was one magazine I've been reading for about the last 12 years but never saw any deals on subscriptions offered that didn't require me calling them long distance in the US until a few months back. So when I saw this offer I jumped at the chance and signed up almost immediately. Great! What happens a month later? Website shut down. hmmmm. What happens next? Well I receive a copy of the magazine. Only thing its the one that's been on the shelves for at least three months. Then I don't receive anything for months. In fact I plain forgot I had the subscription.

Then I got another copy about a month ago. Again it turns out to be an old issue with this copy being about from maybe June and I had already seen it three months earlier so what's the point. Anyway I got the contact number and finally got a chance and called this morning during normal business hours. Would you believe the phone just rang and rang and I just cant get through to these punks. Its really frustrating cause I paid my good money and I'm getting terrible service. I would complain if I could find a way to complain. Chupse!

Now I could blame black folks but just because the magazine deals with black issues doesn't mean its owned or run by black folks right. Still its pretty sad that they are giving me this general perception that would stop me from actually subscribing to another black magazine. Its either a conspiracy or we need to get our ish together. Either way I'm not happy about the perception.

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