Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Congrats Chip and Kim

Now can a brother borrow a dollar?

Yes I'm talking about the Amazing Race again. Its finally over and Chip and Kim won the million dollar prize. Man am I happy for them. You should have seen the range of emotion displayed in yesterday's televised race; extreme fear, rage, total elation, sadness, hey and that was only me imagine what was going on with those guys.

To tell the truth I've been a Chip and Kim fan from day one, loved the bowling moms and the dude whose leg got injured and his daughter too but I couldn't stand Merna and Charla, Colin and Christie and near the end Brandon and Nicole royally annoyed me.

The thing was honestly Colin and Christie were the most competitive and strongest team over the entire competition. They had an unbelievable drive but Colin's attitude was just too much and he should have gotten his butt thrown in jail in Tanzania. Brandon and Nicole were ok but their use of God and religion whenever it was convenient to play to the TV was rather annoying and then Nicole just got downright annoying with her mocking of Chip on the rope climb and her crying on the bike ride in Calgary. Plus she basically admitted that Brandon was carrying her in the race but she still wanted to win the money.

Actually that was my pet peeve during this years race. Teams were not very evenly balanced. Each team appeared to have one person who did 75-80% of the work while the other just watched, cheered or shouted obscenities. I'd say the twins were the most balanced team and that's probably because they were identical twins and on any given night Ii couldn't tell which one was actually doing which tasks. Could have been the same one every task for all I know.

And why did Chip and Kim deserve to win you ask me? Well besides the fact that I aint going to hate on a brother from Compton they really pulled it together in the stretch. They had a very laisse faire attitude most of the series and were helping other teams at their own expense, refused to use the yield on the twins a few weeks ago and made interesting alliances with teams but then something snapped about two series back. I think it was that act of being close to being eliminated because they didn't use the yield on the twins that made them snap out of the jolly good fellow routine and pull out their Scarface 'Come say hi to the badguy' mentality or maybe they decided to take a page from another former Compton resident Eazy E (R.I.P) and just get Ruthless. (For you non-hip hop readers Eazy E's record label was called Ruthless records so I was trying to be witty. Bombed miserably.)

Anyway whatever it is that happened Chip and Kim morphed from a gentle loving Dr David Bruce Banner (as opposed to Bruce 'Like a Pimp' Banner) like personality into a new angry Incredible Hulk ('Hulk smash puny humans ')type team that took them to the win. They used a yield, they lied, they hid information. Whoa, what a dramatic change but I guess you got to do what you got to do in order to get the win.

Oh well that's it for me and the reality TV genre until next year.

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