Sunday, September 26, 2004

Not really a fan

But I was wearing the jersey so I guess that made it seem like I was a fan.

I'm talking about Manchester United here. Yesterday I was walking around downtown wearing my new Manchester United shirt. Now to paraphase Paul Keens Douglas 'now who tell me do dat!' Everywhere I go people coming up to me asking me about their score versus Hotspurs yesterday (1-0 in case you really must know.) The thing is I'm not really a Manchester United fan. Growing up when I really paid attention to British football (soccer for you North Americans) I was at first a Tottenham Hotspurs fan when they had players like Ardilles and then a Liverpool fan because of players like John Barnes.

Being a Manchester United fan isn't that bad mind you. They are the New York Yankees of world soccer. A world renown franchise who have been able to have the best and most talented players play for them. Oh and in case you know nothing about football at all, all you need to know is that Posh Spice's husband David Beckham played for them for many years.

Man U has been winning championships galore for the past decade but they just are not my team. Up to today where I no longer follow football with the fevor of my youth I'd say I'm still more concerned with how Liverpool does than Manchester so yesterday's experience was interesting.

First I went into a bookstore and this guy came up to me and asked me who won the game this morning. Now Cricket was on my mind (see last post) so I was thinking he was talking about West Indies who had just lost Dwayne Bravo's wicket and were struggling just before I left home so I almost get vex because I thought he was trying to rub in the fact that my team appeared headed for serious defeat. Then I realize he was talking about Man U so I just said I hadn't seen the game. Had to make him think I actually knew what he was talking about.

Then it happened again when I was in the CD place. I begin to think the shirt was attracting new friends or something of the sort. Finally I was on my way through the mall and some old guy came up to me smiling and actually gave me a pat on my back and said your team pulled one off today against the Spurs. Quick thinker that I am I was like "yea that's great" and gave him the thumbs up. Meanwhile I'm like how do I tell this man I'm not a fan of Man U.

Oh well at least its a sport I can appreciate so I dont feel too bad but it teach me a lesson about sports gear.

So now the question remains since I now have the jersey do I need to become a fan of the team?


Abeni said...

See..that wasn't so hard now,was it?

Anonymous said...

Fan or nuh fan yuh bettuh wear da shirt ef not yuh gine hafta ansuh tuh me...yuh shudduh suh who yuh like but den agen...