Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The worst is over

For Barbados at least. Reports indicate over 175 houses damaged and one casualty so far. We didnt get a direct hit, praise god ,because if we had many homes would probably have been reduced to so much matchboxes in the wind. Folks seem ok the last time I spoke to them but I'll check in later tonight.

Lots of trees uprooted and the sea is flooding into the road in certain areas. St Phillip and St Lucy, the south east and the North of the isand seem to have taken the worst of it.

Tobago took a good beating from Ivan too. Now its on to Grenada and St Vincent. I've been reading that the Grenadine islands are taking a pounding so far and its going to last a while. I hope too much damage isnt done though.

You really cant do anything where nature is involved besides pray for the best though.

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