Thursday, September 09, 2004

Poor Grenada

Grenada was devastated by Hurricane Ivan. It just brushed Barbados and we had 235 homes damaged and one life lost but it hit Grenada head on. 9 out of 10 houses suffered damage or were completely destroyed. I mean even the Prime minister's house was destroyed and he's currently living on a British naval ship in the port. The scenery has been totally denuded of tress , the nutmeg plantations where Grenada grows one if not its main export are destroyed. The jails got damaged and all of the prisioners are loose.

No running water, no electricity, with 9 of 10 homes damaged probably alot of people with no shelter. This is a really serious crisis.


Abeni said...

Poor Grenada.They need all the help they can get and am so happy to hear my Pm say deal with Grenada first because as far as am concerned our damage could be dealt with internally.

Burke said...

Grenada really got hit hard, and it's amazing the amount of damage Ivan caused. Barbados really should count themselves lucky again given the fact that what we're seeing and hearing about Grenada could have been Barbados.

I will definitely look into what relief funds they may have set-up here in the US to assist Grenada so I can contribute because it looks like they really need the help.

Jdid said...

and now jamaica straight in the sights of Ivan. that bwoy 'im wicked bad