Monday, September 20, 2004


That's my weight right now in lbs. Its the smallest I've been in about 3 years. Now before everyone says whoa that's huge just remember I'm at least 6'1" so its actually not alot of weight. Actually some people say I'm slim but just remember the Olympic 100m champ Justin Gatlin was only 184 and he was listed at my height and wasn't in bad shape. I'm usually closer to 190lbs when I'm working out on a consistent basis and playing sports but this year due to numerous injuries (when you get older you have to actually warm up) I've been unable to consistently do the exercise that I wanted and thankfully unlike most people I didn't blow up and gain more weight I actually lost weight.

So hey no complaints but I'm back in the gym again. Got myself a whole weight training program going and aiming to get back to the 185-187 range again. Not sure if I want to go over 190 but I just want to make a few muscles bigger, get rid of some fat, get a bit of definition here and there and get a bit stronger.

I'm not going on any fancy diets or eating regimes, not taking any new fangled fat reducing or muscle building supplements. Just trying to eat sensibly and do some weight work and cardio.

I started yesterday and man am I in pain this morning.


KBarnes said...

Got to love the morning after the work out...I started jogging every morning and after the first run, the next day was a horribly painful challenge. Keep it up though, you know what they say "Pain is beauty" :-)

Abeni said...

No gain..Onward to a bigger,better you:)

Jdid said...

my calves hurt ouch!

Yamfoot said...

I had no clue you had a blog! This is my first time. Is there a prize.

And you don't need to lose any weight, that weight sounds fine for your height.

4panist said...

good luck to you, getting up in the morning is not for everyone.

Jdid said...

Yes yamfoot, I just started a month ago. You guys inspired me

Abeni the morning thing isnt that bad. I never was a morning person but I still prefer the gym in the morning as there are less people to contend with.